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Stories about Brazil from June, 2007

Students protest for public universities in Brazil

  22 June 2007

Students from the most important university in Brazil, the University of São Paulo, occupied the office of the head of the institution on May 3rd to protest against new policies announced by the governor of São Paulo's state, that threatened the autonomy of the state's public universities. São Paulo State...

Brazil: From Legal Commons to Social Commons

  18 June 2007

Ronaldo Lemos published his paper “From Legal Commons to Social Commons: Brazil and the Cultural Industry” at iCommons.org, describing some of the current transformations regarding the processes by which information and culture are generated, from the point of view of developing countries.

Brazil: Engineer Found Dead in Iraq

  18 June 2007

Swimming Against the Red Tide criticizes the lack of action by Brazilian president Lula da Silva in regards to kidnapped citizen and engineer Joao Jose Vasconcellos, who was recently found dead in Iraq.

Brazil: Open Letter to New York Times

  9 June 2007

Colin Brayton of the New Market Machines writes an open letter to the editor of the New York Times regarding the work of reporter Larry Rohter. One complaint is “Your Latin American correspondent, Larry Rohter, frequently repeats, verbatim, the press-relations talking points of dubious actors, without attribution, and omits the...

Chávez, Lula and the media: is it a samba or a waltz?

  6 June 2007

It was a funny week that passed by here in Brazil, in the wake of the implementation of the Chávez government decision not to renew the broadcasting license of Radio Caracas Television. The Brazilian Senate debated the issue in one of its sessions this week and decided to ask the...

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