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Stories about Brazil from March, 2008

Brazil: March for the end of the Gaza Strip

“It is said that each Palestinian expelled from their land – and not just since 1948, when it the state of Israel was created – keep a key which they always carry with them. This is not the key for their car, office or a shed lost somewhere between Jordan,...

Brazil: Blogs banned from the 2008 elections

  30 March 2008

Brazil is warming up for local elections later this year, but the Supreme Electoral Court has just passed regulations that have raised eye-brows throughout the blogosphere: only candidates' purpose-built web pages will be allowed. Blogs and 'social web' facilities have not been subjected to a more comprehensive legislation and as a result these are now left in limbo. Will the netizen be silenced?

Brazil: When the justice doesn't get the Internet

  27 March 2008

Idelber [pt] is finding a new resolution by the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court hard to believe. It rules that any campaign for the 2008 local elections will only be allowed from July 6, even in the Internet. The blogger asks: “If someone decides to campaign for their candidate in his...

Brazil: Listen to Brazil v Sweden in the 1958 World Cup

  27 March 2008

If you didn't get excited by the Brazil v Sweden friendly match yesterday, Donizetti [pt] has found a link to a moving live radio narration (in Portuguese) of the same confrontation, but in the World Cup in 1958. “Playing were Gilmar, Nilton Santos, Orlando, Bellini, Djalma Santos, Didi, Zito, Zagalo,...

Brazil: Let us be courteous in the blogosphere

  26 March 2008

Pedro Dória [pt] is aghast with the increasingly aggressive comments in his blog and with no time to moderate them, he proposes the readers help him keeping courteous. “We're not barbarians, we are civilized. This is a democracy. Everyone is welcome no matter their creed, colour, belief, age, sex. In...

Brazil: It's All True

  26 March 2008

Márcio Claesen [pt] has the highlights of the É Tudo Verdade [It's All True] festival, devoted to the culture of documentary in South America. The 13th edition starts today and takes pleace until April 6th. The 2008 program will screen 138 non-fictional productions.

Brazil: LoveLive podcast

  26 March 2008

André and Luciana present their first podcast, LoveLive [pt]. The name is self explaining, but Luciana explains: “We do not want to be relationship gurus, no way. We are just people who prefer speaking up to silence”. “To start with, we debated the act of sharing among couples: sharing problems...

Brazil: Haiti, Rio de Janeiro and the UN peacekeeping mission

  25 March 2008

Aloisio Milani [pt] is promoting an in-depth analysis of “the possibility and feasibility of the blue-helmets’ performance to become a doctrine of intervention by the Army in public safety in violent Brazilian cities, where organized crime is part of the population's routine”. He has heard Army sources, the Ministry of...

Brazil: Mutantes, 1968 to 1973

  25 March 2008

Alexandre Carvalho dos Santos [pt] has a quite detailed post about the discography by Os Mutantes (portuguese for The Mutants), one of the most influential Brazilian psychedelic rock band.

Green and sustainable life

  24 March 2008

Among the many good links Lucia Malla [pt] tips us with today in her travel blog, there is the Ecoblogs Network [pt], for selected bloggers who promote “green and sustainable life”.

Liquid assets: Bloggers on World Water Day

  23 March 2008

It's known as the universal solvent, Adam's Ale, government juice, council pop, H2O, dihydrogen monoxide, hydrogen hydroxide, has a ton of different names in Arabic and yesterday (March 22) the world was called upon to pay it special attention. World Water Day 2008 marked the start of the fourth year of the UN International Decade for Action on Water that began in 2005, and to mark the occasion the bloggers weighed in with insights and commentary from various corners of the world.

Brazil: Politicians own the media

  23 March 2008

“271. This is the number of Brazilians politicians that are partners, owners or directors of radio and TV broadcasters, which is against the law. Harassment of politicians on the media is much greater if we take into consideration the printed press”, comments Rogério Christofoletti [pt] on a recent research by...

Brazil: Here comes the PIG

  23 March 2008

PIG is an acronym for Coupist Press Party [in Portuguese Partido da Imprensa Golpista] which has been coined to describe the Brazilian media that serves to a political interest, that is biased and rely on censorship. The latest victim of PIG, according to some bloggers, is the journalist Tutty Vazquez,...

Brazil: Blogs Blog this!

  23 March 2008

Wagner [pt] recommends a new “joined ownership” blogging platform for blogs in Portuguese. “BlogueIsso! Blogs is a “condominium” of blogs, a network currently made up by 18 of them, covering various subjects in many different styles and points of view of the world”.

Brazil: Enjoy the sea but look after the planet

  23 March 2008

“Right now in this Hallelujah Saturday, thousands of people are on the country's seasides enjoying the wonders that the sea provides, without worrying about the waste they produce, about the type of stuff they consume in the beaches (disposable glasses, plastic and polystyrene packaging), about the waste of drinking water,...

Brazil: User-customized Football Media

  14 March 2008

A new arena is gathering steam and significance in the Brazilian Internet space: the football blogs. Day by day, fervent fans are finding out that blogs and other media possibilities -- podcasts, webcasts, foruns and chats -- are invaluable tools to display, promote and exchange opinions about the many games, and also to express their passion for their favorite football club teams.

Brasil: The most beautiful street in the world

  11 March 2008

The Porto Alegre Vive [“Porto Alegre Lives”, PT] blog tells us[PT] about the Portuguese blog A Sombra Verde [“The Green Shadow”, PT] that elected one of Porto Alegre‘s streets as “the most beautiful street in the world”, by the beauty of it's trees and the hard fight it's inhabitants are...

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