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Stories about Brazil from February, 2008

A book about political murders in Brazil

  27 February 2008

The Brazilian IndyMedia site is reporting about a new book by the Brazilian journalist Natália Viana about the political murders of human-rights activists in Brazil in the last decades. The report says the entire book is available to be downloaded here. All the links in this roundup are in portuguese.

What does make them come to Campus Party?

  25 February 2008

Donizete Soares from Sentimentos e Pensamentos [Feelings and Toughts, PT] asked some campuseros at Campus Party Brasil 2008 [PT] about their motivations to leave behind their diary lives and flock to meetings like the one held in São Paulo two weeks ago — and released the full audio of these...

Lusospheric Literature: Sabedoria de Improviso

  25 February 2008

Czarina writes in short, razor-sharp, words in her Sabedoria de Improviso [Makeshift Wisdom, PT] about what she may or may not have learned, and maybe about what she lived. She renders no explanations [PT] for those who need it.

Brazil: Human rights groups united against extermination groups

  24 February 2008

Vera Mattos [pt] publishes a statement by various human right groups denouncing the work of extermination groups, protesting against the ineffective public security and demanding that the authorities investigate the execution of young, poor black people resident of the outskirts of Salvador, capital of Bahia, Brazil.

Brazil: Protesting against public corruption

  23 February 2008

Blog do Tchôla [pt] has a video and pictures from a massive popular protest on the streets of Maceió, capital of one of Brazil's poorest states. The protest was against the public corruption that has led to R$ 200 million (around US$ 114 million) losses caused by unauthorized, irregular, and...

Brazil: While traditional media deals with lawsuits, blogs report

  22 February 2008

Two of the biggest media companies in Brazil are currently involved is court cases that similarly raise the issue of freedom of speech and press even though the media finds itself on opposite sides of the issue in the two cases. Blogs are uniquely pointing out the similarity and contradictions revealed by the connectedness of both situations.

Africa: Interrogating the blogosphere

  21 February 2008

Koluki interrogates the blogosphere by looking at the Globl Voices Online coverage of “Portuguese-speaking African countries”: “The most striking observation from this graph is that OC appears not only, as we have seen before, as the “undisputed champion” of GVO reporting about the “Angolan blogosphere”, but also as the “champion”...

Brazil: Posting together against paedophilia

  14 February 2008

At least 200 Brazilian bloggers so far have promised to make a post against paedophilia today and many blogs are already wearing a badge. Tânia [pt], a state prosecutor, has posted a real history whose end is not a happy one. The campaign has been organized by Luz de Luma...

Brazil: Oneself cellphone mobile TV

  13 February 2008

Mobile webtv live broadcast [pt] proposes a media innovation based on an all times Brazilian favorites street characters: the candy-girls that sell sweeties on trays. “We came up with a new media structure made of a transparent acrylic tray that fits the body ergonomically to allow us to continue walking...

Brazil: 375 years of the Galileo affair

  13 February 2008

Vejo Tudo e Não Morro [pt] reminds us that in February 13, 1633, exactly 375 years ago, Galileo Galilei stood Inquisition trial on suspicion of heresy for defending the heliocentric theory of Copernicus, whereas Western Christian biblical references would state that “the world is firmly established, it cannot be moved.”

Brazil: Do not feed the journalists

  13 February 2008

Daniel Duende de Carvalho [pt] has been reporting on the humorous clashes between bloggers and mainstream media journalists covering the Campus Party Brazil. “Kept in a aquarium-like cage in the middle of the pavilion, poor professionals from obsolete vehicles that are fated to disappear are being treated like endangered species”....

Brazil: Live streaming from Campus Party

  12 February 2008

Ricardo Cobra [pt] is going to live stream Campus Party Brazil at his blog. He has also met the mysterious blogger who sold her body (rather blogs’ adverts space in her body) to be able to attend to Campus Party.

Brazil: Bahia Afro Film Festival

  11 February 2008

Altino Machado [pt] says that everything is ready for the Bahia Afro Film Festival, which takes place in Salvador, Brazil from November 18 through 28. “The main goal is to spread the word, to integrate and to promote debates about the films and video production, on a national and international...

Brazil: The top 10 entrepreneurs of the Brazilian blogospgere

  11 February 2008

Bombust [pt] has a list of the top 10 entrepreneurs of the Brazilian blogospgere, chosen because “their posts guide the readers’ steps in the direction their links point to and often also guide many other bloggers’ steps. They live at a newly-born but already significant body of web surfers’ best...

Brazil: Tips for Campus Party starting today

  11 February 2008

Graveheart [pt] has posted some humorous tips on how to get the best of Campus Party Brazil, which starts today in São Paulo. There will be 3 thousand people together for 7 days of talks, meetings, debates, games, conversations, ideas and, of course, networking.

Brazil: Guerrilla Marketing

  9 February 2008

Alexandre de Souza [pt], another Brazilian police blogger, comments on the Guerrilla Marketing strategies that the police officers have been using to get mobilized on their campaign for better salaries and working conditions. Read a GVO article about it.

Brazil: Free books online, no need to print

  8 February 2008

O Escriba [pt] has created a link to his online library, with free books available for download. Some of them are quite rare, others have been forbidden, such as Roberto Carlos’ biography. He has only an environmentally-friendly wish: “Please avoid printing them out, reading on the screen is not that...

Brazil: Getting ready for the Campus Party 2008

  8 February 2008

The first Campus Party ever to be hosted in Brazil starts next Monday, February 11. Marcelo Tas [pt], winner of the BOBs prize for blogs in Portuguese, will be there. “I'll show up on Wednesday at 19:00, for the panel “Blogosphere and the future of media,” together with Luisa (MTV)...

Brazil: And the samba school winner is…

  6 February 2008

Beija Flor is the winner of this year's title of best samba school of Rio de Janeiro's carnival, reports Thiago Velloso [pt]. “The audience was shouting ‘twice champion’ even before the school started the parade”. There is a plugin in this blog for those who want to hear this year's...

Brazil: Impressions on Rio Carnival

  5 February 2008

Rachel Glickhouse elects Carnival in Rio one of the 1000 things you should do before you die. “Never in my 23 years of existence have I seen anything like it, and never have I experienced so much pure, unmitigated joy.” Check out the whole post, her photos and videos.

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