· September, 2005

Stories about Brazil from September, 2005

Brazil: A Blogger's Introduction

28 September 2005

Claudio Tellez, a German-born, conservative, Chilean mathematician living in Brazil offers an introductory first post on his new English-language weblog.

Brazil: Baile Funk Podcast

26 September 2005

Atari has compiled a podcast of her favorite Balie Funk tracks discovered on her recent trip to Brazil.

Images from Brazil: Senators accused of being “Liars”

11 September 2005

“On my mind …” by D.R. Lynch The graffiti on the wall, found in Buenos Aires, but equally applicable to current day Brazil, reads “Senators, Thieves!” In the caption, D.R. Lynch, from São Paulo, Brazil says: What can I say about Brazilian politics lately? At first, a lot of us...

Brazil's Famous Flickr Photographer

  8 September 2005

The content of Tatiana Cardeal‘s photography is firmly rooted in her native country of Brazil, but her intimate lens and universal themes have generated a wide following of Flickr fans from all over the globe. Last week I emailed Tatiana with questions concerning her photography, her country, her life, and...

Brazil: Tired of Being Sexy

5 September 2005

Atari in Rio is a fan of the São Paulo-based rock group, Cansei de Ser Sexy (“Tired of Being Sexy”) and links to two of their songs.

Brazil: Blog Coverage of Katrina

5 September 2005

Brazilian blogger, André Lemos writes on the Best of the Blogs weblog about coverage of Katrina in the Brazilian blogosphere.

Brazil: Baile Funk

1 September 2005

Atari in Rio recounts his her first Baile Funk, a type of dance party in Rio de Janeiro's favelas.

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