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Stories about Brazil from November, 2005

Brazil: Gun Referendum Thoughts

28 November 2005

Tatiana Cardeal explains her disappointment with the decision by Brazilian voters to vote down a proposed firearm ban.

Brazil: Ready To Tumble

24 November 2005

Made in Brazil has photos of Brazilian gymnast, Daiane dos Santos from the 2005 World Gymnastics Championships taking place in Melbourne.

Brazil: Google and Swarzenegger

18 November 2005

After opening offices in Mexico and Brazil, Richard Miller says Google News now also has a site dedicated to Brazil. Made in Brazil has some memorable photos of California governor, Arnold Swarzenegger while he was vacationing in Rio.

Brazil: Salvador and San Francisco

16 November 2005

Sangroncito explains why he splits his time between San Francisco in the U.S. and Salvador in Brazil. The National Rifle Association of America, meanwhile, explains why it thinks Brazil is wiser than San Francisco.

Brazil: Bush-Lula Joint Statement

7 November 2005

Beautiful Horizons calls the Bush-Lula joint statement a “study in hypocrisy. Boz says the U.S. must follow through on promises to cut farm subsidies. Comings Communique wishes Brazilian protesters against Bush would get better translators.

Brazil: Lula and Cuba

7 November 2005

Luís Afonso Assumpção goes through the speculation that the Cuban government helped finance Lula's presidential campaign. Comings Communique posts an audio file describing, among other things, Brazilian red tape.

Brazil: Gay Kiss Controversy Continued

4 November 2005

In the midst of a controversy over whether or not a kiss between two men would be aired on the popular Brazilian soap, America, Made in Brazil says MTV Brasil “jumped ahead and featured the first televised lesbian kiss.”

Mexico: Día de los Muertos

  2 November 2005

November 1st and 2nd mark Mexico's holiday, Día de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead.” Calypso Mexico describes celebrating the days in a small colonia in Vera Cruz, emphasizing that “Dia de los Muertos is about remembering your loved ones that have passed from this world. It is NOT...

Brazil: Poverty, Money, and Guilt

1 November 2005

Sangroncito describes the guilt of coming from relative privilege compared to the low monthly wages and high unemployment of Salvador, Brazil.

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