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Stories about Brazil from September, 2008

Brazil: The Brazilian behind the new twitter design

  30 September 2008

Did you know that the designer behind the new Twitter interface is Brazilian? Futuro.vc [pt] brings an exclusive interview with Vitor Lourenço. “One of the goals was to make the application more elegant and functional. We've made very small changes, which together makes the difference.”

Brazil: Bloggers’ magazine on democracy

  30 September 2008

The latest issue of blogger magazine Feed-se: Democracia, available in PDF for free download (in Portuguese), is a special edition on democracy, by Brazilian bloggers Nospheratt, Alex, Lu Monte and Lúcia Freitas.

Brazil: A million signatures against homophobia

  28 September 2008

Thiago Velloso [pt] publishes the banners for the 13th Gay Pride Rio, which takes place on October 12, and provides info regarding an online petition hosted by the No To Homophobia website in support to the bill that criminalizes homophobia in Brazil. “A million signatures is expected. Do your bit.”

Brazil: Who are the Brazilian bloggers

  28 September 2008

Who are the Brazilian bloggers? Pedro Cardoso [pt] and Tine Araújo [pt] are conducting a census [pt] to find out, among others, what academic and professional qualifications Brazilian bloggers have, their relationship with traditional media and their social habits, tools etc.

Brazil: Free download of books under CC license

  27 September 2008

The book Além das Redes de Colaboração (Beyond the Collaboration Networks, pt), a compilation of texts organized by professors Nelson Pretto and Sergio Amadeu, has been published by EDUFBA (Federal University of Bahia publisher) under a Creative Commons license and is now available for free download. “The book, which tackles...

Lusosphere: Saramago, 85 years, Nobel Laureate, Blogger

  24 September 2008

A week ago, the 1998 Nobel Prize winner for literature - the first and only Portuguese language writer - started his own blog: Saramago's Notebook, which he describes as his "infinite page on the Internet", has been welcomed by bloggers from many Portuguese speaking countries. But what does it take to become a blogger?

Brazil: Suspense as indigenous land rulings in limbo

  20 September 2008

Brazil's Supreme Court (STF) decided to postpone the decision about Raposa Serra do Sol land but will vote on another less complex demarcation case: the Pataxó Hã-Hã-Hãe people have been waiting for this decision for over 26 years. Meanwhile, bloggers comment on the fact that, for first time in the history of Brazil's Supreme Court, an indian lawyer defended her people. Watch the video.

YouTube Contest for aspiring journalists

  18 September 2008

As I had mentioned back in August, YouTube and The Pulitzer Center have launched Project: Report, a contest for aspiring journalists and now the full rules and instructions are up. The contest and awards are limited to participants who are legal residents of countries where YouTube is officially launched: Australia,...

Lula on the US ambassador’s expulsion: “Evo is right”

  18 September 2008

The New World Lusophone Sousaphone translates a comment on the expulsion of the American ambassador in Bolivia by Brazil’s President Lula da Silva: “If it is true that the U.S. ambassador was meeting with the opposition to Morales, then Morales was right to kick him out.”

Blogger of the Week: Daniel Duende Carvalho

  14 September 2008

This week's Blogger of the Week series takes us to Brasilia, Brazil, where Daniel Duende Carvalho, our Portuguese Translation Manager, opens his heart and talks about his blogging experience, his work online and what he thinks of the Portuguese speaking Brazilian blogopshere. Is living in Brazil all about lazing in the sun and attending loud parties? Juan Arellano finds out.

Brazil: Justice aims at Twitter and hits innocent bloggers

  13 September 2008

If the Brazilian Electoral Justice is not quite sure about what the Internet is, their latest blunder proves that Twitter is completely alien to them. When trying to take down a fake mayoral candidate's profile on the popular network, they managed to take offline a blog that had nothing to do with the story. Mind you: They could have taken down the whole Twitter website instead.

Brazil: When the newspaper decides for the electorate

  2 September 2008

Daniel Florêncio [pt] can't believe a piece in a newspaper which states that, for the electorate of of Minas Gerais, Brazil, there is no doubt that a certain candidate is the best choice – and this was not an op-ed. “What the hell is this sentence there? Is the newspaper...

Brazil, Egypt: The first day of Ramadan

  2 September 2008

Barbrinha [pt], a Brazilian blogger living in Egypt, is writing a Ramadan diary. On fasting for non-muslin people, she says: “I fasted several times before I was converted, and it has always been my purpose to God, it was me and him and nobody else, I won't write here what...

Brazil: Guide to blogging in Portuguese

  1 September 2008

“So, do you want to have a blog? Are you starting your first blog? Are you still inexperienced in the roads od the blogosphere? Great – this is the guide for you!”, says Nospheratt [pt] on releasing a free download guide for blogging in Portuguese with 120 tips showing the...

Brazil: Useless newspapers

  1 September 2008

“Sorry. I do not want to look like a pedant. But after some time outside Brazil – and especially after a a time geting information about Brazil through the Internet – I can only lament the quality of Brazilian newspapers”, says Luiz Carlos Azenha [pt] pointing out mistakes to bias...

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