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Stories about Brazil from September, 2006

Macau nurtures Luso-Sino connection

  29 September 2006

Macau can be seen today as the very capital of a reinvigorated Luso-Sino friendship. In addition to holding the Economic and Commercial Cooperation Forum which happened this last weekend, the city is preparing to host the First Lusofonia Games, to be held during the week of October 7-15. The event...

Brazil: Rio Mayor Pulls Blog

  27 September 2006

Colin Brayton translates a humorous post from Cocadaboa on “the ten main reasons why Rio de Janeiro mayor Cesar Maia (PFL) stopped writing his blog on Blogspot.com.”

Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil: Craig Barrett in Latin America

  26 September 2006

Leo Prieto publishes the tellingly titled post, “Craig Barrett came to Chile with WiMax and 1,000 computers under his arm.” [ES] Ricardo Carreón has a much more personal description of Barrett's visit to Chile and his trip throughout Latin America.

Brazil: Reactions to iSummit 2006

  25 September 2006

Better late than never, Colin Brayton has put together and translated some reactions to Creative Commons iSummit 2006 on his latest New Market Machines Radio podcast.

Macau: The 1st Lusofonia Games will be held between 7-15 October 2006 in Macau

  25 September 2006

Timor Online writes about the 1st Lusofonia Games to be held between 7-15 October 2006 in Macau. Portuguese speaking countries and regions will compete for glories in the sports of football, futsal, beach volleyball, volleyball, basketball, taekwondo, table tennis and athletics. Apart from exciting competitions, impressive cultural performances will compose...

Blogs debate over Brazil's latest electoral scandal

  22 September 2006

In the last days before the October 1 vote, the Brazilian electoral process was shaken again by the latest event in a string of scandals tainting the ruling Workers Party (PT). The PT has been accused of paying 1.7 million reals (790,000 dollars) for a smear campaign that attempted to...

Brazil: Digital Varjão – Cultural Hotspot in Action

  18 September 2006

Jose Murilo Junior describes the “cultural hotspot” workshop of Digital Varjão, which encourages young people in Varjão do Torto – a low income informal settlement in the outskirts of Brasília – to use open source software to express themselves creatively and share their day to day experiences online. You can...

Brazilians Debate Media Regulation and Digital Convergence

  15 September 2006

On the trail of so much disruptive news arising in the Brazilian digital ecosystem — Youtube, empowered bloggers, Orkut's hegemony and digital TV transition to name few — a favorable renewed media regulatory framework has suddenly turned into the golden dream of the professionals and corporations involved. The big issue...

Brazil: Resources of Pirates

  13 September 2006

Brazilian music lovers, pirates, and thieves will be delighted by Daniella Thompson's latest post, “Where everything old is considered gold. Or, the joys of piracy.”

Brazil: Ceasefire Campaign

  13 September 2006

Tatiana Cardeal thanks her readers and devoted Flickr fans for their participation in the “Ceasefire Campaign.” Read the post and check out the Flickr community to learn more.

Brazil: Photos from Vacaria

12 September 2006

Andrew of Comings Communiqué has photos and descriptive captions of the small village of Vacaria.

TV still reigns in Brazil, but here comes YouTube

  8 September 2006

The magnitude of Internet numbers in Brazil has puzzled specialists in the last months. After overtaking Google's Orkut and exceeding their own world record in navigating time spent on the Internet, Brazilians are now preparing to dominate YouTube. The incredible jump from 9% to 20% of active users visiting this...

Latin America: Poll Numbers

  8 September 2006

It's Friday … time to leave the office at 3 and time for Boz's weekly poll numbers. Here's a good look ahead at upcoming elections in Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Brazil: Blog Condemned for Anonymous Comment

  5 September 2006

“Biscoito Fino e a Massa” details the case of ‘Imprensa Marrom‘, a blog sued for an anonymous comment made in a six month old post. The strange case is getting attention and frightening Brazilian bloggers who are disabling their comments area . Bloggers consider this decision a dangerous precedent in...

Brazil: Musical Nostalgia in the Broadband Age

  4 September 2006

Daniela Thompson remembers us that “Brazilians are the most notorious music pirates in the world, and that the age of broadband makes it possible for almost everyone to indulge in musical nostalgia at no cost”. Check out the various links and detailed description about the audio files reservoirs hosting “from...

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