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Stories about Brazil from April, 2006

Brazil: Portuguese and Indigenous Languages

27 April 2006

While Portuguese is Brazil's official state language, M. Bichuetti of The Brazilian Way of Life says that around 180 native tongues are still present. Quoting a linguistics professor, Bichuetti says that some of the languages “are ‘on the verge of extinction,’ [while others] are ‘very vigorous.'”

Brazil: Islam

  24 April 2006

Comings Communiqué, a weblog by a Christian missionary, is dismayed by the rise of Islam in Brazil.

Brazil, Mexico: Landless Workers Movement and Zapatistas

  24 April 2006

The Western Hemisphere Policy Watch blog cites a meeting between the Brazilian NGO, Landless Workers Movement (MST) and the Zapatistas in Southern Mexico as proof “that the international left's designs on the Americas are quite real and very much alive.”

Quotas in Brazilian Universities: The Online Debate

  21 April 2006

This post is also available in Portuguese. There is an important public conversation going on in Brazil. Affirmative action quota policies are being implemented in some Brazilian universities*. The debate will heat up in the coming weeks as Congress considers a new law (law project nº 3627/2004) that would establish...

Brazil: Lucio Sanfilippo

  18 April 2006

Daniela Thompson describes the “extraordinary voice” of famed Brazilian vocalist, Lucio Sanfilippo.

Brazil: A Correspondent Reflects

  14 April 2006

Jared Goyette, a foreign correspondent living in Bahia, reflects on his latest piece for Brazzil Magazine. “When I changed the article, I cut out a lot detail I had recorded on the show …”

Brazil:Varig Airlines Bankruptcy

  12 April 2006

Brazil's Varig has joined Mexico's Aerocalifornia and Bolivia's LAB on the growing list of Latin American airlines struggling to get by according to Made in Brazil.

Mexico, Brazil: Creative Commons Creativity Contest

  10 April 2006

Eduardo Arcos introduces (ES) the first contest of “Mexicommons creativity (ES),” which solicits new works of music, video, animation, and podcasts. The top three winners of each category will be included on the DVD of iSummit '06 to take place this June in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil: Pontes Touches Down

  10 April 2006

Brazilian bloggers’ reactions to the space flight of Marcos Pontes, the first Brazilian astronaut, run the gamut along a scale from enthusiasm to cynicism. At the “unqualified joy” end of the scale an amateur radio operator in the northerneastern state of Piauí was positively effervescent over a Piauense's ham radio...

Brazil: Former Economy Minister Indicted

  6 April 2006

Luís Afonso Assumpção says that a corruption scandal by former economy minister, Palocci is representative of the “status of this ‘ethical’ government from Worker´s Party.” Randy Paul compares it to the Scooter Libby scandal in the United States.

Latin America, U.S.: “Border Wars and Truces”

  5 April 2006

Commenting on the U.S. immigration debate, “Sangroncito” notes that Americans can easily take for granted that they are warmly received around Latin America without the costly and invasive process that visiting Latin Americans must endure.

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