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Stories about Brazil from August, 2006

Brazil: Blogs Censored in the Electoral Process

  28 August 2006

The Brazilian blogosphere is protesting that a blog from Amapá state was inexplicably brought down by its ISP (uol.com.br) even after it complied with an order from the Electoral Justice system. The blog ‘Repiquete no Meio do Mundo‘ was forced to take off the picture of a wall painted with...

Google in Brazil: Who Guards Orkut's Playground?

  25 August 2006

The Brazilian blogosphere is talking about Google or more specifically about Orkut, its social network which has attracted a huge number of players. In order to understand Google's significance in South America's biggest country it must be realized that today of the 20 million Brazilians with access to the Internet...

Brazil: Music

  24 August 2006

Claudio Lobos introduces Brazilian musician Philippe Baden Powell and his newest album, “Estrada De Terra.” Daniella Thompson reviews Paulo Sérgio Santos’ gig at the Hillside Club in Berkeley, California.

Transparency is Promoted and Debated in the Brazilian Election Process

  18 August 2006

The call for transparency is ringing in the Lusosphere these days. Brazilian presidential and general elections are six weeks from now and, after the innumerable corruption scandals involving congressmen and executive officials, the push for truth has become a vigorous movement on the Internet. The issue was on top of...

Brazil: Lula Declines Debate

  16 August 2006

Boz says that President Lula da Silva made a big error by declining to show up for the first presidential debate. Opposition blogger Luís Afonso Assumpção is bothered by Lula's increasing numbers in the polls despite recent kidnappings by the PCC (First Command of the Capital). Andrew of Comings Communiqué...

Brazil: Podcast safe music from Overmundo

  14 August 2006

Wireless.jor.br made a podcast from music published on the site Overmundo, ‘the new Brazilian cultural production powerhowse‘. What a good place to find podcast-safe (CC labeled) audio files from the rich and innovative Brazilian music scene! http://blog.estadao.com.br/blog/media/wireless003.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS

Brazil: “São Paulo Under Siege”

  10 August 2006

Made in Brazil says this week saw the third wave of attacks by the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) in São Paulo. For more background, read Jose Murilo Junior's recap of the first violent riots in May.

Lusosphere reactions to the world most blogged conflict

  4 August 2006

The conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon is shaking the blogosphere. The effects can be felt all over and as conversations arise everywhere, Lusophone bloggers aren't excluded. It is important to mention that Brazil is home to the biggest Lebanese diaspora population — some 8 million of Lebanese descent...

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