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Stories about Brazil from July, 2008

Brazil: Live blogging the local elections debate

  31 July 2008

Nova Corja [pt] will be live blogging the second debate for the local elections in Porto Alegre, Brazil. “The concept is the same: surpassing policy analysis in the posts with a stack of beer (the only way to bear it) broadcast live through our Ustream, directly from New Corja Corp's...

Brazil: The 200 top blogs

  31 July 2008

Mundo Tecno [pt] published a list of the 200 most popular Brazilian blogs according to the Blogblogs ranking. Meio Bit [pt] is the top one.

Brazil: A topless protest in Rio downtown

  28 July 2008

Walter Valdevino posts pictures at Nova Corja [pt] of an unusual protest in Brazil, when a 28 year old artist protested going topless in the centre of Rio de Janeiro City. “Dressed only in a biquini bottom, the candidate for Miss Flamengo walked about 15 meters with Brazil's flag on...

Brazil: Blogosphere makes it to the cinema

  28 July 2008

“The blogosphere made it to the Brazilian cinema. Murilo Salles’ film “A Proper Name“ [pt] brings a blog, by Clara Averbuck [pt], to the movie theater. There are reviews of the film all over the place (on her blog and beyond, in big papers). I will it see on Wednesday,...

Brazil: Who is behind the ‘Cybercrimes Bill'?

  28 July 2008

Blog do Tião writes [Pt] about the companies and political groups behind Eduardo Azeredo, the Brazilian Senator that proposed a controversial Cybercrimes Bill that's being largely discussed in the Brazilian Blogosphere. The same post presents data that links Azeredo to some recently uncovered corruption schemes in the country. This link...

Brazil: São Paulo 360°

  23 July 2008

Would you like to have a look at São Paulo without going there? Paulo Bicarato [pt] tips about the website BR360, Brazilian panoramas and virtual reality.

Brazil: Electoral censorship at work

  22 July 2008

Pedro Dória [pt] reports that a contestant in the local elections for Porto Alegre, Brazil, was forced to close down her Orkut account and suspend her videos on YouTube. “They are being censored: they can't express themselves using all the resources allowed by the Internet allows. They can not use...

Brazil: Portugal ratifies Portuguese language agreement

  21 July 2008

Portugal's President Anibal Cavaco Silva has ratified the agreement to standardise the Portuguese language and its spelling in a move to make the language, spoken in 8 countries, more uniform globally. O Hermenauta [pt] has written a round up of reactions from both sides of the ocean and concludes the...

Brazil: On authoriterrorism and online surveillance

  20 July 2008

Over 60 bloggers attended the blog carnival against censorship [pt] this Saturday, most of them posting especially about the new cyber crimes proposal for Brazil. The bill has now proceeded to the House of Representatives, where a request for it to be handled urgently was put forward last week, leaving bloggers on red alert. Over 70,000 signed an online petition against it.

Brazil: Comedian Dercy Gonçalves dies at the age 101

  19 July 2008

Brazilian comedian and actress Dercy Gonçalves, famous for irreverent interviews and notorious bad language, died today at the age of 101 years [June 23 1907 – July 19 2008). 365 Dias [365 Days, pt] uploads a collection of films to remember her career.

Brazil: Cybercrime bill is now translated

  19 July 2008

Nardol translated the new Brazilian Cyber Crime Bill: “So the World can be made aware of what’s going on in Brazil. I also just sent an email with it to EFF, asking for their help. Not that I think they can do much, but they surely will know one or...

Brazil: Tears and Cheers for Middle East Prisoner Swap

Brazilian of Arab descent or bloggers interested in all things Middle Eastern talk about the Israel-Lebanon Prisoner Exchange. Considering that Brazil is the country that arguably holds the largest Arab population outside the Middle East, there are very passionate points of views both for and against the deal, and as much tears as cheers.

Brazil: Blogging Against Web-Censorship

  19 July 2008

Censura Não! (No Censorship!, PT) issued on last July 5th a call for a collective blogging on July 19th (today) against web-censorship and the Azeredo Bill . Many Brazilian blogs, like Luz de Luma [Pt] and Ladybug [Pt] answered to the call.

Brazil: Urgency requested for Cyber-Crime Bill

  18 July 2008

Sérgio Amadeu [pt] raises an alert related to the 13 new cyber-crimes bill: it has been requested that the bill was treated as urgent. “Approving this request means that the project will be voted by the House of Representatives soon”, while bloggers call for a debate. More info in Portuguese...

Brazil: Bloggers question the 13 new cyber-crimes

  17 July 2008

In the small hours of last Thursday, July 10, the Brazilian Senate passed the 'Digital Crimes Bill', which typifies the cyber-crimes punishable by law and stipulates the corresponding penalties. The proposal will now be proceeding to the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, bloggers campaign for more debate and an online petition has been signed by over 60,000 citizens in just one week.

Brazil: Uncovering the lack of freedom of press

  17 July 2008

Andre Deak [pt] interviews Daniel Florêncio [pt], a Brazilian filmmaker living in London, who “has been target of criticism by the government of Minas Gerais because of his video report Gagged in Brazil“, about lack of freedom of press and political manipulation of the media in the country.

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