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Stories about Brazil from August, 2008

Brazil: Digital TV with Digital Rights Managements

  28 August 2008

Sérgio Amadeu [pt] has just learned that the Brazilian National Standards Organization is considering to have Digital TV setup boxes with DRM (Digital Rights Managements). “It is unfortunate that such an issue is decided by a small group of technicians. This decision is not purely technical, it has extremely serious...

Brazil: I want to live in Second Life

  28 August 2008

Wanderley Filho [pt] compares, ironically, Brazilian politicians achievements to life on Second Life: a parallel world. “The election air time on TV is a balm to comfort those citizens who imagined that their past elected governments had not done any work for the past 4 years. In a few minutes...

Brazil: Rights of bloggers, rights of blog readers

  27 August 2008

Brazilian blogger Alex Castro [pt] posts the Terms of Use of his blog, among them the rights of bloggers and of blog readers. “Blog readers should remember that reading and commenting on a blog is a privilege that can be revoked at any time. Nobody has the “right” to read...

Brazil: The rice war on indigenous land

  27 August 2008

Brazil's Supreme Court decides today about the future of Raposa Serra do Sol's Indigenous land. Observatório da Imprensa [Press Observatory, pt] have published two texts about the media coverage of the subject. One of them is called The Rice War [pt]: “The press still own us an approach that will...

Brazil: Church demands justice do ban sexy pic on Playboy

  26 August 2008

Milton Ribeiro [pt] reports that the Brazilian Justice has banned a photo in August edition of Playboy, after complains from the Catholic Church because the model was holding a crucifix. “After all, the Catholic Church, who owns the fetish, felt offended and it is now going after the girl and...

Brazil: Independent newspaper arrives to the web

  26 August 2008

Jornal Pessoal [Personal Newspaper, pt], an independent newspaper that goes out every other week since 1987 in the outskirt of Amazon, Belém do Pará city in Brazil, has finally arrived to the Internet, announces [pt] the one-man behind the project, Lúcio Flávio Pinto. He is now working on making the...

Brazil: An Olympic balance

  25 August 2008

For a country whose best record was its 15th place in Athens last time, Brazil's 23th medal table position in the Beijing Olympics, with only 3 gold medals was not an extraordinary defeat - however, from newspapers to blogs, the general feeling is that of disappointment. Here are some reactions from the blogosphere.

Brazil: Longer maternity leave causes media outcry

  25 August 2008

A law that extends paid maternity leave from 120 to 180 days has just been signed by Brazilian President Lula. Private companies will be able to opt out, but the government will grant tax breaks to those that adopt it. Altamiro Borges [pt] comments on the outcry: “the hegemonic media,...

Brazil: Funny videos educate people about voting

  25 August 2008

Leonardo Fontes [pt] is having fun creativity of the lastest TV campaigns in Brazil to raise awareness about the importance of voting. “I can't remember having seen such a good humorous, non sense series linked to politics”. You can see the ads in Portuguese on his blog.

Brazil: Micro stories contest via Twitter

  23 August 2008

“140letras is the first micro stories contest in Brazil, held through Twitter. Entry is now closed and we can track the competitors’ stories. The winner will be announced on September 30″, Luciana Mielniczuk [pt] reports.

China: Watching women's volleyball

  20 August 2008

Thanks to Bill Bishop at the MarketWatch Olympic Blog, we are given a recount of a day at the beach watching the US, Brazil and China's women's volleyball teams in the semi-finals. Not just that, Bill points us to a link that shows what the Beach Babes cheerleaders had to...

Barbados: Environmental Management

  19 August 2008

“We don’t have much to sell to the tourists on this island except our natural beauty, and lately that beauty is becoming difficult to see with walls of condos blocking the seaview and garbage piles taking care of the rest of the island”: Taking a cue from Brazil, Barbados Free...

Brazil: The bronze is ours

  18 August 2008

Making fun of the Brazilian athletes’ accomplishment in the Beijing Olympic Games, a new blog was created: Bronze Brasil 2008. “With the achievement of our fifth bronze medal, our dream of beating the Olympic record seems to be drawing close. There are only 5 medals. There are 6 days of...

Angola, Brazil: A culture shock divide

  17 August 2008

Angola and Brazil's special relationship means that business between the two former Portuguese colonies is booming - as well as migration both ways across the Atlantic. But, how are these two sibling peoples getting on? This post offers the perspectives of both an Angolan and a Brazilian blogger living in Luanda.

Jamaica: Chemical of the Future

  13 August 2008

The Golding administration divests the country's sugar industry, causing Abeng News Magazine‘s Trevor Bogle to examine what the move means for Jamaica: “Jamaica’s energy platforms are substantially now controlled by entities whose interests are most likely not coincidental with our own, to our detriment!”

Brazil: Olympics, war and elections

  12 August 2008

"I confess that I am the biggest fan of the Olympics and that I woke at 5 am on Saturday to see the Gymnastics competition. But every once in a while it is good to look further and see what is beyond an event as large as this", says a 16 year old blogger.

Brazil: Olympics Made in China

  12 August 2008

Márcio Laurini [pt] explains why he is not following the Olympics: “There was lip-syncing in the Olympics opening ceremony, the fireworks were made by a computer, and sports are a dispute over the best doping. I'd rather read a book.”

Brazil: Blogging the importance of voting

  12 August 2008

A new collective aims to educate Brazilian electors through blogging: “We ask your help to bring about the beginning of this change. Let's get together and scream so loudly that our voices can not be ignored and they will hear everywhere”. Everyone is invited to blog about the importance of...

Brazil: Responsible consuming through freecycle

  11 August 2008

Lúcia Freitas [pt] discovers Brazil's freecycle groups, a recycling community already present in over 70 countries, and now in 8 Brazilian cities. She explains the main idea behind project: “When giving those things they don't need any more without requesting anything back, not only the participants exercise their generosity, they...

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