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Stories about Brazil from January, 2008

Brazil: Social blogging against paedophilia

  31 January 2008

Luz de Luma [pt] is one of the core bloggers at the social blogging that will take place at the Lusosphere next February 14to debate paedophilia.  “When I proposed this social blogging and used the very term, I was systematically visited by computers from the federal police. This is a...

Brazil: World's street children in charges

  31 January 2008

The Iranian website Iran Cartoon began a virtual series on world's street children, featuring artists from dozen countries, such as Mongolia, France, Vietnam, Colombia, Brazil, China. Sérgio Coutinho [pt] will feature some of them among the images usually displayed at the right hand corner of his blog”.

Brazil: The first ever local cyberculture festival

  31 January 2008

Sérgio Amadeu [pt] on Guarulhos first ever digital festival. “With more than 500 papers published in a collaborative portal, developed entirely using open software, Guarulhos 2.Zero will give its awards at the end of February. You can visit the website and vote. It is cool to encourage the municipalities that...

Brazil: Amazon, deforestation and the future

  30 January 2008

“If you want to see what would happen to Amazon if deforestation does not come to a halt, you can see a simulation developed by the Institute of Environmental Research in the Amazon, the Federal University of Minas Gerais and The Woods Hole Research Center”. See the links at the...

Brazil: Veja magazine and the anti-journalism phenomenon

  30 January 2008

“The biggest anti-journalism phenomenon in recent years is what happened to Veja magazine. Gradually, the largest weekly Brazilian mag was turned into a lampoon with no commitment to journalism, using the lowest of the low attacks against those who crossed their path, getting involved in trade wars and accepting that...

Brazil: Is it time to become media?

  29 January 2008

Cardoso [pt] is one of the bloggers invited to speak about “The blogs phenomenon – is it time to become media?” on an international summit of digital communication taking place in March in Brazil. He says that this event is important because “blogs are being recognized as “something” (what this...

Brazil: More on the yellow fever panic caused by the media

  29 January 2008

“If I know well the Brazilian media, far from apologizing for having made a mistake and encouraged Brazilians – all Brazilians – to get vaccinated, there will be an attempt to blame the government ALSO for the instances where there was reaction to the vaccine. There are more people admitted...

Brazil: Police goes Wi-Fi on Carnival

  29 January 2008

Andre Lemos [pt] reports that the police of Salvador will use wi-fi network to provide security to revelers at the Carnival. There will be 400 computers in 60 points of the city, which the police will avail to consult, in real time, information about accidents, criminal records and data from...

Brazil: Recife is the most violent of the capitals

  29 January 2008

The report “Map of Violence in Brazilian Municipalities 2008″, launched earlier today by the Latin American Technological Information Network, shows that Recife, capital of Pernambuco, is top of the ranking of capitals with most homicides recorded in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is in the 6th position on the same ranking....

Brazil: 5 years of Filmes do Chico

  29 January 2008

“I never thought that Filmes do Chico, this plaything of mine, would get this far. I shall thank all of you who have followed me in this 5 years eternity. Those who have always been close by, those who have had a look from far away. I very much like...

Brazil: 48 murders at the weekend in Pernambuco

  28 January 2008

Despite the fact that there is no official information from the relevant governmental body, PE Body Count [pt] carries on its independent count of the murder rates in Pernambuco, Brazil. The blogger found out that 46 people were murdered this weekend, although the PR team in charge of feeding the...

Brazil: The Army calls for a revolution

  27 January 2008

According to Jorge Serrão [pt] the Brazilian Army has issued an open letter to the population calling for a revolution. which he publishes in his blog: “The nation expects us to be ready when needed. Our sovereignty can not ever be  questioned. The Brazilian Armed Forces, united in brotherhood and...

Brazil: Countdown to Carnival

  27 January 2008

There is a popular belief that in Brazil the year only starts after Carnival. Be this an exaggeration or not, there is not much else being talked about on the country's blogosphere: everyone is dusting off their costumes, getting into the mood and counting down the days for the biggest street party on Earth. Here's a round up of bloggers expectations in Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Pernambuco, and the lesser known carnival in Minas Gerais.

Brazil: How the USA backed the dictatorship

  25 January 2008

Luiz Carlos Azenha [pt] has started a series of posts in which he intends to translate all the official documents about the American support to the 1964 coup in Brazil, currently kept by George Washington University's National Security Archives. In this second post, he deciphers a “message from the then...

Lusosphere: Child survival

  25 January 2008

UNICEF has just published its annual analysis of the mortality rate of children under 5 years. Among the conclusions, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, East Timor and Cape Verde have rates far above the admissible, considering Brazil as the standard intermediate and Portugal as the only one...

Brazil: São Paulo's 454th anniversary in Second Life

  25 January 2008

Andre Lemos [pt] reports that, to celebrate the anniversary of 454 years of São Paulo, Second Life has inaugurated its main avenue in the virtual world at the New Island Brazil (183, 182, 41). “At least 20 thousand users are expected to take part of the celebration to launch the...

Brazil: Corrupted sports media

  25 January 2008

Paulinho, a Brazilian journalist, has compiled facts and provided comprehensive evidence of a criminal scheme in the sports media in São Paulo. He has investigated Futebol Interior website, which promotes clubs, managers and players who pay bribes to them, while destroying those who refuse to do so. Other bloggers are...

Brazil: Brazilian Landless Workers Movement turns 24

  24 January 2008

The Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST) celebrates today its 24 years. João Valente Aguiar [pt] publishes a beautiful black and white picture and describes it as a “movement which consists of activist people committed to the fight for another kind of society. A movement that because of its tenacity and...

Brazil: Update on the censorship in Pernambuco

  24 January 2008

PE Body Count [pt] has an update on the case of media censorship that has been going on in Recife, Brazil, following an interview on TV in which the authorities guarantee the population that there is no censorship in place. Diogo Menezes uncovers the lies in their discourse and concludes:...

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