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Stories about Brazil from February, 2006

Brazil: The Winners and Losers of Carnival

  27 February 2006

Sangroncito has three descriptive posts on Carnival in Salvador, noting that, “not everyone in Salvador loves Carnaval. For some middle and upper class Soteropolitanos (as citizens of Salvador are called), Carnaval is a nightmare of crowds, noise and crime and they flee the city.” Robert Basler writes of a screenwriter's...

Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Brazil: Poll Numbers

  24 February 2006

Boz has released his now infamous Friday poll numbers from around Latin America. Tim Muth breaks down the numbers in El Salvador which show the two main parties, FMLN and ARENA running neck to neck. Jon at PostHegemony gives more background context to the differences between the FMLN and ARENA.

Mexico, Brazil: Showing of Brazilian Documentary on Bloggers

  23 February 2006

Alfredo Sanchez (ES) and Eduardo Arcos (ES) both post about the free showing of a Brazilian documentary about bloggers and another about cinema clubs this Saturday in Mexico City. More information about both documentaries can be found at Cine Club Bravo, the group hosting the event.

Brazil: “The Calm Before Carnaval”

  20 February 2006

Sangroncito describes the preparation that has gone into Salvador's Carnaval and says that today feels like the “Calm Before Carnaval.” Mama Lisa posts an English translation of a Brazilian folk song about the Carnival called “Mama Paquita.” Made in Brazil has a picture of U2 fans camping out for tonight's...

Brazil: Getting Rolling Stoned in Rio

  15 February 2006

Cuaderno Latinoamericano, a group blog maintained by students at Tulane University, says that the Rolling Stones will be playing a free concert this weekend in Rio de Janeiro. Free, that is, unless you take into account the $750,000 that the city is paying to make it happen.

Brazil: Carnival, Football, and Elections

10 February 2006

Ricardo Héctor, a Brazilian living in Chile, says it's going to be a busy year for Brazilians with Carnival right around the corner, a difficult World Cup tournament in Germany, and federal and local elections. Brazil Uncovered is a weblog which recorded the journey of Doug Banks and Dan Osborne...

Brazil: Small Town Conservativism

9 February 2006

Renata Vieira, a blogger based in São Paulo reflects on the tight social networks of small towns and how they encourage conservative values.

Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil: Everyone Loves Condoms

  8 February 2006

Risa writes about “An Interesting Proposal” made by the mayor of the Colombian town, Tulua which would “require all the residents over 14 to carry a condom with them at all times. If someone is stopped and doesn't have a condom they will be required to pay 408 pesos ($108).”...

Brazil: Bonfim Ribbon

7 February 2006

Sangroncito explains the Fita do Bonfim (The Bonfim Ribbon), a small piece of ribbon which Soteropolitanos (citizens of Salvador) tie three times around their wrist, making a wish on each knot. Legend says the wishes will come true when the bracelet falls apart months later, but be warned: “If you...

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