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Stories about Brazil from December, 2006

Lusosphere: Who? Me? You!? Why not Hugo?

  28 December 2006

TIME Magazine's choice of ‘You’ as the ‘Person of the Year’ has created interesting reactions in Lusophone blogs. The coddling move from the editorial giant towards the new class of content creators among its audience initially seduced the web 2.0 crowds. Many commentators were quick to agree effusively with the...

The World Championship of Brazilian 2.0 Football

  19 December 2006

Brazilians still have fresh memories of the defeat of the national team in the last World Cup in Germany, when the group of international shining stars was unable to show the needed will to win on the field. As a result, Porto Alegre's Internacional triumph in the Club World Cup...

The ‘Aerial Blackout’ in Brazil

  11 December 2006

Ten weeks have passed since the mid-air collision that produced Brazil’s worst air disaster, but the issue is still bouncing around many levels. As the investigations progressed, the blame game amplified by the media has triggered many reactions. The most widely felt effects have come from a movement among air...

Trinidad & Tobago: Review of “I Am Cuba, the Siberian Mammoth”

  7 December 2006

Studio Film Club talks about Brazilian director Vicente Ferraz's documentary I am Cuba, the Siberian Mammoth, which chronicles the making of the 1960s film Soy Cuba: “Interspersing shots from the original film – many of which are justly famous for their power and complexity – with interviews, Mr. Ferraz has...

The Laptop “To Conquer Them All” Arrives in Brazil

  2 December 2006

The “$100 laptop” has arrived in Brazil and so has a significant discussion in the blogosphere. Last week, in a much-hyped ceremony at the Palacio do Planalto in Brasilia, MIT's Media Lab co-founder Nicholas Negroponte met President Lula to launch the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative in Brazil. The...

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