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Stories about Brazil from September, 2007

Brazil: Atlantic forest may recover

  23 September 2007

A research by the French Institut de Recherche Pour le Développement (IRD) and the University of São Paulo suggests that “despite being reduced to just 8 percent of its original extent due to agriculture and urban expansion, the Atlantic forest may be capable of recovery. In other words, the Atlantic...

Brazil: Google Bombing the Senate

  23 September 2007

The president of Brazil's Senate, Renan Calheiros, has been recently absolved over accusations of graft in a 40-to-35 secret ballot vote in the Senate House. The accusation against Calheiros was that he had personal expenses paid by a construction firm in exchange of political favors. He was discharged in a...

Internet Governance, Global Privacy and IGF-Rio

  18 September 2007

The global debate on Internet governance will once again gather people from all over the world at UN's IGF, this time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The process was started last year in Athens, when more than 1,200 participants focused on discussion of the overarching issues tied to the future...

Brazil: Light on the dark dictatorship days

  9 September 2007

Several South American countries were ruled by military dictatorships in the 20th century, such as Paraguay (1954-1989), Uruguay (1973-1985), Chile (1973-1990) and Argentina (1966-1973 and 1976-83), but unlike the others, Brazil (1964-1985) has never prosecuted those responsible for the crimes of these years. An amnesty law was passed in 1979...

Brazil: The slavery heritage

  6 September 2007

“More than a century after the abolition of slavery, Brazil still has small remnant “quilombos”, free settlements created by fugitive African slaves in the 17th and 18th centuries”. Read the full report Brazil: ‘Quilombo’ Communities Fight Exclusion.

Brazil: Favela Fashion Show

  6 September 2007

“A school for fashion in one of Brazil's most notorious favelas is proving to be quite a hit, not just with the students who dream of a better life, but also with the local residents who were the special guest at there violent neighbourhood's first fashion show”. See a video...

Brazilian festival in New Jersey

  2 September 2007

Off The Broiler writes on the 15th Annual Brazilian Independence Day festival, which is happening in New Jersey until September 3. “Last year I was yelled at for not giving anyone advance notice about one of the best Jersey food and cultural events of the year”.

Brazil: Adventure in São Paulo

  2 September 2007

The second one of a ten part series of videos “Around Brazil” is available online. In a 45 minute programme, it aims “to show that although Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world, it has a culture and diversity that is absolutely unique.” The videos are...

Brazil: Clarice Lispector on YouTube

  1 September 2007

The Spectacled Bear comes across a fantastic adaptation of Clarice Lispector’s Tentação (Temptation) on YouTube and leaves a piece of advice about the Brazilian/Ukrainian writer: “If you haven’t read any Clarice Lispector/Giovanni Pontieiro yet, this video might just inspire you to get to the bookstore.”

Brazil: Violence and cinema

  1 September 2007

John Baeyens comments on Manda Bala, the Jason Kohn‘s film chosen as the best documentary of Sundance Festival, and on violence in Brazil. “Until you don’t understand that strange contrast of morale you won’t understand the roots of the violence and the reason why Brazilians take it as a part...

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