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Stories about Brazil from November, 2007

Brazil: War in Rio

  29 November 2007

The blog War in Rio, o Jogo [pt], which defines itself as “a manifest game and a bad taste joke”, has been quickly gaining popularity. Inspired by Wargaming, the idea behind the project is to use humor to generate a debate about the situation in Rio de Janeiro: “While politicians...

Brazil: Social blogging for Christmas 2007

  29 November 2007

Yassuda [pt] invites other Brazilian bloggers to join a ‘social blogging’ campaign. The idea is to get bloggers to choose a non profit organization and try to use their blogs to help it – writing about the organization and asking for donations: toys, a Christmas supper, food, clothing, or even...

Brazil: Blogger is awarded prize for investigation

  28 November 2007

Eduardo Machado, one of the editors of PEbodycount [pt], received an Investigative Journalism award for his special report ‘Colombia Plan: A Manual Against Violence’, the first account in the country of the very successful experiment in combating violence in Bogota. His piece was published in a Brazilian broadsheet.

Brazil: On the “Che e-mails” and credibility of journalism

  25 November 2007

An article on the 40th anniversary of Che Guevara's death, led to a heated email exchange between an editor of Brazilian magazine Veja and an American reporter for The New Yorker. The correspondence has spilled onto the internet, where it has fueled a juicy public debate about the impartiality and credibility of Brazilian journalism.

Brazil: Police demoralization

  23 November 2007

PE Body Count [pt] reports on a case that reflects the lack of security in Pernambuco-Brazil. The official car of the Secretary of Social Defense, Servilho Paiva, was stolen. The vehicle was found this morning, but guns belonging to two security guards were stolen. “This seems to be more of...

Brazil: Bloggers are debate starters

  23 November 2007

MLOG [pt] reflects on a piece of news reporting that nearly a third of the debates on the Brazilian internet are started by the blogosphere. “Besides generating arguments, bloggers interfere in consumer's decisions when they quote brands or reveal consumption desire”.

Brazil: Violence against woman

  23 November 2007

Marcelo Tas [pt] compares two recent incidents of violence against women in different parts of the planet. In Abaetetuba, Brazil, a teenager was incarcerated in a cell with 20 male inmates. It had the predicable result, the girl was raped repeatedly. In Saudi Arabia, a girl was found in a...

Brazil: Thinking about cybercrime

  23 November 2007

Universo Anárquico [pt] looks into Megan Meier's suicide to discuss cybercrime, such as cyberstalking and the use of anonymity to bully and cause psychological or emotional damage to others. She recommends some online safety and help groups and says it is time to take action: “Their purpose is not to...

Brazil: Interview with a thought provoking filmmaker

  22 November 2007

Moviola Digital [pt] publishes an interview with a thought provoking Brazilian filmmaker, Claudio Assis, director of Mango Yellow. “Although he is still working on his second feature film, he has shown that the underline of his work is to make  films with a strong social criticism”. Assis was interviewed by...

Brazil: Open source software for all

  22 November 2007

Sérgio Amadeu [pt] blogs about a draft for a law that guarantees public funding for open source software, which aims to ensure that 20% of the Information Technology Fund be applied in the production of open technologies by universities, technological institutes, research centres, cooperatives and community of developers. “This had...

Brazil: Proeminent leader has gone missing

  22 November 2007

It has been seven nearly 10 days since João Batista, president of Association of Rural Producers of Jutaí-Amazonas, has gone missing. He is a forefront leader for local social and environmental movements and the community fears that he could have been murdered. Anthropologist Mary Allegretti [pt] publishes an open letter...

Brazil: Saving the rainforest and feeding more people

  21 November 2007

Would you like to hear a fascinating story on how indigenous tribes in Brazil have managed to make extremely fertile dark earth from nutrient-poor yellowish soils, and thus may represent the ability to save the rainforest and feed more people? “The result of such a system would mean better soil,...

Brazil: Falling in love with Tocantins

  21 November 2007

Pollyana Ferrari [pt] has just fallen in love with the stories presented by a new blog called Projeto Tocantins [pt], written by a newly graduated journalist who was sent from South Brazil to work in Southern Tocantins and discovers a quite different world. All true stories. “I loved it and...

Brazil: Community shows what peace is

  21 November 2007

The residents of Coque, a poor neighbourhood of Recife, organized a rally today to show that they disapproved the way in which the police force invaded the area in a ‘peacekeeping operation‘ a month ago. “The said operation was called “Paz no Coque” (Peace in Coque). They might even have...

Brazil: Books for Black Consciousness Day

  20 November 2007

To celebrate the Black Pride today in Brazil, The Spectacled Bear recommends a list of books on the subject: “As this blog is principally about books and is principally aimed at English speakers in Brazil, I want to recommend some great books available on Afro-Brazilian themes for kids, i.e. in...

Brazil: First decade of ‘O Indivíduo’

  20 November 2007

Pedro Sette Câmera celebrates 10 years of blogging at O Indivíduo [pt] writing up a balance of the blog and thinking about the future. “If I were to wish anything for the future, I would only hope to renew this kind of real professional found in the first printed ‘O...

Brazil: Extreme poverty is halved

  19 November 2007

Edson Lima [pt] comments on a good piece of news: “Brazil has accomplished, ten years before the deadline set by the UN, the target of halving the percentage of the population that live in extreme poverty”. According to a report by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), beteween 1990...

Brazil/UK: Justice for Jean Charles de Menezes

  19 November 2007

Joty reports that the Metropolitan Police Authority in the UK is meeting this Thursday, November 22, to decide whether or not to sack Ian Blair over the death of innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, in 2005. “So – politely and gently – they need a little bit of lobbying...

Brazil: Meeting Vint Cerf

  19 November 2007

Guilherme Felitti [pt] reports on the interview he has done with Vint Cerf, “the man who is responsible for you reading this text now. Cerf, together with Bob Kahn, came up with TCP/IP, which allows each PC to have an IP and get authenticated on the web”. Read his impressions...

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