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Stories about Brazil from October, 2006

Brazil: Election Analysis

  31 October 2006

Bloggings by Boz gives his five points on Lula's electoral victory. Matthew Shugart notes that “Geraldo Alckmin actually did worse in the two-candidate runoff than he had done in the multi-candidate first round.”

Brazil: Lula Cruises to Big Victory

  30 October 2006

Publiu's Pundit reports that Brazil’s incumbent President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva has cruised on to an easy victory in Brazil’s runoff election. With 94% of the tally counted, the final score was 61-39, a very strong showing.

Latin America: Authors and Translators

  25 October 2006

Liz Henry just got back from the American Literary Translators Association conference (which she liveblogged) and introduces readers to some of the Latin American & Spanish-speaking authors and translators she met there.

Bolivia: Border Military Bases and Internal Conflicts

  23 October 2006

The treaty between Bolivia and Venezuela to build military facilities on the borders with Paraguay, Chile, Perú, and Brasil is being discussed in political blogs from Perú and Chile. Chilean conservative bloggers writing at El Rincón de Michelle [ES] agree that the treaty should be regarded as evidence of Venezuelan...

Vojaĝo tra Esperantujo / A trip through Esperanto-land

  21 October 2006

Only two months until Esperanto Day! In this, our second roundup of the Esperanto Blogosphere (missed the first?), I will lead you on a tour of some of the different kinds of blogs you find in the Esperanto community. Nur du monatoj ĝis la Esperanto-Tago! En tiu ĉi, nia dua...

Brazil: The Media Empire Bows to Blogs

  20 October 2006

There is something very different going on in the Brazilian media arena. It all started a week ago with a cover story published in the magazine Carta Capital, headlined: The Plot Which Led to the Second Round. The magazine is known as a ‘leftist stronghold’ and, with a modest circulation...

Ecuador: Fear Campaigns

  20 October 2006

Alejandro Giacometti has a interesting comparison of fear tactics used in campaigning both in Ecuador and the United States. Colin Brayton translates an article about the “detention of the representative in Ecuador of the Brazilian E-vote company, Santiago Murray, as part of an investigation into responsibilities for the failure of...

YouTube. Whose Tube? Google's acquisition triggers Lusosphere debate

  13 October 2006

It could be seen as just another dot-com mega-deal that would not get much discussion beyond in-depth reports in specialized magazines. But gleaning the discussions of Lusophone bloggers is revealing that the YouTube acquisition by Google is capturing a lot of attention and generating many interesting perspectives. It also displays...

Brazil: Lula Debates

  10 October 2006

After citing a poll which puts President Lula da Silva in the lead with 54% compared to Alckmin's 46, Boz gives his impressions of Sunday's debate: “Alckmin risks losing votes by appearing to bully the president, who is fairly well liked.” Colin Brayton also offers his thoughts.

Air Collision in Brazil Triggers Strong Words of Blame

  6 October 2006

It's been a week since the collision of an Embraer Legacy 600 jet with GOL Airlines 737-800 Flight 1907 which plunged into the Amazon jungle Friday, killing all 154 people aboard in Brazil's worst air disaster. Some peculiar facts about the accident are turning the case into a battle of...

Brazil: Tecno Brega

  6 October 2006

Alexandre at Critical World Blog looks at Brazilian Tecno Brega as a way to “build markets on top of social commons.”

Brazil: More Election Analysis

  3 October 2006

The amount of commentary on Brazil's Sunday elections is staggering. In addition to Jose Murilo Junior's excellent collection of translated excerpts from Brazilian bloggers, Colin Brayton produced a podcast from Brazil on election day and posted a video of Geraldo Alckmin's acknowledgement of support from the Orkut social networking community....

Regionalism and Dissent Mark the Start of Run-off in Brazil

  2 October 2006

More than 125 million Brazilians went to the polls Sunday to vote for president and to select governors for all 26 states and the Federal District, as well as all 513 Federal Deputies of the lower house and 27 of Brazil's 81 Senate seats. By the end of the day,...

Brazil: Cardoso on Brazil's Military

  2 October 2006

Given a chance to ask former Brazilian president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso a question at a recent presentation at the University of Austin, Vikrum Sequeira compares Brazil's global presence with Russia, India, and China and asks: “Do you think Brazil position in the world would be stronger if its military capacities...

Brazil: Elections

  2 October 2006

A.M. Mora y Leon has an overwhelmingly thorough roundup of roundups on yesterday's Brazilian election (ES).

Brazil: Lula faces run-off

  2 October 2006

In a good election roundup, A.M. Mora y Leon at Publius Pundit reports: “Brazil’s voters have sent a message tonight – Lula, we love you, but not quite the way we used to! You’ve got to change!”.

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