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Stories about Brazil from October, 2008

BOBs: Global Videobloggers Compete for Award Part 2

  31 October 2008

Earlier this week we visited the videoblogs of some of the nominees for the BOBs, Deutsche Welle's Best of Blogs awards. On this second part, we'll see which other videobloggers from all over the globe are nominated and what your choices will be when you decide to vote for your...

Ibero-America: Campus Party in El Salvador

  30 October 2008

This week in El Salvador, hundreds of technology fanatics have assembled to take part in the latest edition of Campus Party. Participants from 22 member states are divided into one of a broad range of areas including: Astronomy, CampusBot (robotics), Innovation, Modding, Campus Create, Digital Leisure and Digital Inclusion. The participation of bloggers have captured the feeling of being in a room with their fellow technology enthusiasts through their blog posts, photos and videos.

Brazil: Grandma Aggie, Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and the Pope

  28 October 2008

Lou Gold, a North-American blogger and nature-person turned “brasileiro’, blogs about [En] Grandma Aggie and the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, re-telling some of the adventures of these courageous indigenous ladies and their recent efforts to get the Pope to rescind the Papal Bulls that created the “right” to...

Brazilian myths and haunts on the Lusosphere – Part 2

  23 October 2008

On the first article of this series, we searched Brazilian websites that could tell us some stories about the haunts and the mythical beings of Brazilian folklore. Now, in the second article, we will sit and listen to the tales of myth, legend and fear told by Brazilian bloggers; tales about Cabeça de Cuia and Caboclo D'Água, and about the beautiful and sad tale of the Vitória Régia, and give more details about the mysterious Loira do Banheiro and her terrible death.

Brazil: Blogging to get a voice

  23 October 2008

On introducing his blogs to friends, Brazilian blogger Alexandre [pt] has to continually answer to the question about why he blogs if it brings him no money. His answer is always: “I get a “voice”! It is very cool to be able to debate ideas, share view points, have a...

Brazil: A Musical Doctrine

  23 October 2008

Lou Gold, from VisionShare, blogs (in English and Portuguese) and posts some videos about the musical doctrine of Santo Daime and his personal happiness about the recent visit of an important Daime family and its musical entourage to Brasilia, Brazil.

Brazil: iGoogle’s Artist Themes with a Brazilian flavour

  20 October 2008

“Twin brothers and artists Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá along with fellow Brazilian artist Gustavo Rosa have been invited by Google to be featured in iGoogle’s Artist Themes which make up the backdrop of the iGoogle homepage.” See the videos on Eyes on Brazil blog.

Brazil: Call for reactions against media manipulation

  19 October 2008

Eduardo Guimarães [pt] member founder of Movimento dos Sem Mídia [Medialess Movement] calls for citizen participation on the protest against media manipulation and distortion of facts in Brazil. “I am again proposing to make this blog an engine of a national uprising against the media, a peaceful, citizen, public denunciation...

Brazil: Petition against slavery

  18 October 2008

Leonardo Sakamoto [pt] links to the online petition demanding the end of slavery in Brazil. “The majority of the employers who adhere to this system are big land owners, who have world class technology and exploit this “disposable people”.

Brazil: Dowload your bookmark spam for free

  17 October 2008

Self proclaimed a storyteller (from an imageseller world), the Paris based Brazilian artist and blogger at Spam for Free makes his bookmark spam available for download. Instructions: “download and print this pdf file in two A4 paper size; stick with glue in recto-verso the both pages; cut each one and...

Americas: Bloggers Participate in Blog Action Day – Part II

  17 October 2008

October 15 marked the annual event of Blog Action Day. On this date, bloggers from all around the world pledge to publish a blog post aboug a particular topic. This year the chosen subject is poverty. This campaign hopes “to change the conversation that day day, to raise awareness, start a global discussion and add momentum to an important cause.” Latin American bloggers actively participated in the campaign read some of their thoughts in part II.

Brazilian myths and haunts on the Lusosphere – Part 1

  15 October 2008

The first of three articles that will take us around the virtual campfire to hear stories about ghosts and enchantment from Brazilian folklore: Cuca, Negrinho do Pastoreio, Boitatá and Curupira, are just some of the beings that inhabit the nights, dreams, and nightmares of Brazil. We also find a group of artists who are telling anew a long told Brazilian popular story.

Brazil: A new, tailored to Brazilians social media product

  12 October 2008

Manoel Netto [pt] announces the arrival of Brazilian social media product Brasigo, a product based on user generated content tailored to Brazilians. “We fully believe in Social Media and we are investing our time, effort and creativity in the development of tools focused on that”

Brazil: The country pays homage to the Samba master

  12 October 2008

If he was alive today, Cartola, one of the key figures in samba music, would be celebrating 100 years this October 11. Cartola composed over 500 songs, deeply loved by Brazilians, who today published their favorite song or poem, videos, photos and bits and pieces of the history of this legend.

Brazil: A day in jail for blog comments

  10 October 2008

The first person to go to jail for commenting on a blog in Brazil was a high rank police officer. See reactions from the very close knit police blogosphere. Not surprisingly, with the intelligence monitoring blogs and comment boxes, most of the police officers decide to blog anonymously.

Brazil: 128 million vote on the anniversary of the Constitution

  5 October 2008

Over 128 million Brazilians are expected to go to the polls today and choose 5,563 mayors for cities and towns, and 52,137 city councilors. The date marks the 20th anniversary of the current Brazilian Constitution. See historic photos of that day in October 05, 1988 and some of today's voting.

Brazil: Impunity and forgetfulness over Carandiru Massacre

  3 October 2008

Sixteen years ago, Brazil was shocked by one of the biggest human rights violation in its history. The Carandiru Massacre saw the assassination of hundreds of unarmed inmates inside what was then South America's largest prison. See the few blog reactions available and a survivor's account of the unpunished crime, which seems to have been forgotten by many.

Brazil: “Abortion is a Right, not a Wrong”

  2 October 2008

Sapataria [Pt], a Brazilian blog about LGBT and women's rights, posts pictures of a recent protest promoted by gender-issues-related groups against the legal views on abortion in Brazil, and shares their two-cents on the issue: “In many countries, the criminalization of abortion afects directly the poor women, most of them...

Brazil: Remembering the anniversary of Carandiru massacre

  2 October 2008

The Hub has an interview with a witness and survivor the massacre of at least 111 inmates in the Carandiru Prison Complex – São Paulo, Brazil. “Sixteen years later, he recounts his experience in a conversation with Raquel Quintino – a human rights activist from the Universidade de Comunicação Livre.”

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