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Stories about Brazil from July, 2009

Paraguay: The Government's Negotiations in the Itaipú Dam

  28 July 2009

Carlos Rodríguez of Rescatar [es] is pleased with the negotiations between Paraguay and Brazil regarding the binational project of the Itaipú dam. He applauds the actions of President Fernando Lugo for showing “commitment, patriotism, honesty and negotiating ability.”

Brazil: Amnesty for illegal immigrants sparks hope and controversy

  18 July 2009

A new amnesty for illegal immigrants has just become law in Brazil, benefiting between 50,000 and 200,000 people. The hope is that the amnesty will bring at least better working conditions for those currently being exploited in sweatshops that cash in on illegal immigrants, and eventually compassion for Brazilians living illegally abroad.

Brazil: Plaintiffs try to silence one of the country's leading journalists

  16 July 2009

Lúcio Flávio Pinto, a prized independent Brazilian journalist has been ordered by a court to pay US$15,000 approximately in damages to a powerful regional media group in a civil libel suit: a real David and Goliath battle. The blogosphere campaigns to help Pinto cover the bill and to promote awareness of yet another case of harassment against independent journalists and bloggers.

Brazil: Digital mob demands the Senate President's resignation

  11 July 2009

Thousand of protests have taken place 'virtually' on social media networks, such as Twitter, demanding the resignation of the Senate President, José Sarney. But, when the mobilization goes offline, only some dozen protesters have so far taken to Brazil's streets. Bloggers analyze the current Brazilian political scenery, the background of this situation and speculate on a hidden agenda.

Brazil: Coffee and Milk, or Water and Vinegar?

  5 July 2009

Adventures of a Gringa uploads a series of University of Sao Paulo's documentaries about the politics of race in Brazil: Coffee and milk, or water and vinegar? “The documentary tries to debunk the notion of “racial democracy” in Brazil, as well as explaining concepts of race, racism, and identity. The...

Brazil: “President Lula is a nerd”

  4 July 2009

After his speaking for the first time against the proposed Digital Crimes Bill, hugging Pirate Bay’s spokesman Peter Sunde, defending the use of open source software and inviting Internet users to chip in and contribute to his soon to be launched government social media initiative, the blogosphere concludes: "Brazilian president Lula da Silva is a nerd". Or is it just because 2010 is an election year?

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