· March, 2009

Stories about Lebanon from March, 2009

Lebanon: First Embassy in Syria

  16 March 2009

Blacksmiths of Lebanon report on the opening of Lebanon's first-ever embassy in Syria which seals the establishment of full diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Lebanon: Graffiti in Hamra Street

  15 March 2009

“The REK crew” (Red Eye Kamikazes) have been doing graffiti in Hamra Street, Beirut, for several Saturdays. As they told Rami who also snapped a few photos and posted on his blog.

Lebanon: “Help” censored

  15 March 2009

“HELP!” is a new Lebanese film addressing sex, prostitution, drugs and homelessness. Mazen posts about the the Censorship Department in the General Security withdrqwing its permission for the planned screening of the movie during February 2009.

Lebanon: Pink Taxis for the Ladies

  15 March 2009

“A taxi firm in Lebanon has unveiled a new concept geared toward women, complete with a fleet of pink cars and pink-attired female drivers ready to keep the sexes apart,” reports Jester at Lebanese Inner Circle.

Lebanon: Ends blog to delete past

  15 March 2009

“Over the past four years, sometimes on the pages of this blog, I shed all the broken pieces of the heart that Lebanon broke…It became harder to blog. …My new American dream replaced my Lebanese nightmare…” Abu Kais announcing the end of his blog to end his past after getting...

Australian film on Lebanese gangs talk of the town

  3 March 2009

An Australian film depicting Lebanese gang life in Sydney's western suburbs has sparked more than a series of reviews. “The Combination“ was pulled from several cinemas in Sydney after brawls broke out, following the screenings and the controversial film has been the talk of the town, receiving wide media attention, writes Antoun Issa.