· December, 2005

Stories about Lebanon from December, 2005

Lebanon: Personal grieving for Gebran Tueni

13 December 2005

Rami writes; Gebran Tueni is not responsible for sectarian divisions in Lebanon. His entire platform was built around unity, a unity that he partially embodied. Those who decry his words are those that stand against a unified Lebanon. To substantively engage what he has said and to call him out...

Lebanese Bloggers Outraged at Journalist Slaying

  12 December 2005

(Artwork, Beirut Spring) Today, a prominent anti-Syrian politician and Journalist was killed in a car-bomb explosion in Beirut. The Lebanese bloggers were quick to show their disgust, shock and fury. Rampurple explains what Gebran Tueni meant to her: Gebran Tueni was the person who gave me hope through his editorials,...

The Lebanese Bloggers on Husam and Hezbollah + Miscellaneous

4 December 2005

Last week started with a press conference by a Syrian witness who withdrew his testimony from the Mehlis investigation. The witness, Husam Husam, announced that he was forced, coaxed and cajoled by Mehlis, The Hariri Family and others into saying what he had said, but he changed his mind because...