· March, 2012

Stories about Lebanon from March, 2012

Syria: A Year On, From Beirut With Love

  26 March 2012

On March15, the Syrian revolution completed its first year with the same level of determination that marked its beginning. Protests in different cities around the world expressed their support to the revolution while Beirut wanted to announce its support in its own way. This post explains how activists expressed their love to the Syrian revolution on Beirut walls.

Ethiopia/Lebanon: Online Outrage Over Death of Domestic Worker Turns into Activism

  17 March 2012

Alem Dechasa, the woman seen in a mobile phone video footage circulating online being beaten and dragged by force into a car outside the Ethiopian consulate in Beirut, has committed suicide. The video sparked anger amongst Ethiopians netizens. Following her death, netizens are organizing online to call for justice and draw attention to abuse of Ethiopian domestic workers in the Middle East.

Lebanon: Picture An Arab Man

  15 March 2012

Rania Massoud repost on her personal blog [fr] her article published by Lebanese daily L'orient-Le jour about a photography project undertaken by Tamara Abdul Hadi. “Picture an Arab man” wishes to update the image of today's Arab men by photographing men from every Arab country in the nude.

Lebanon: Proposed Law to Regulate the Internet

  11 March 2012

“I’ve previously called bullshit on the claims that the government wants to protect us. Oops, I just wrote “bullshit” and broke clause #1 of the proposed law,” blogs Mustapha in his post  lambasting the Lebanese Ministry of  Information's plan to discuss a draft law which aims at “regulating websites and protecting their owners”.

Lebanon: Is Social Media Useful?

  11 March 2012

“I always ask myself whether the Lebanese online community is actually making things better by raising awareness or is just trying to reach out to more people?” writes Najib questioning  the usefulness of social media in inciting action rather than just being concerned with tweeting and blogging. His post was in reaction...

MENA: Which Salafist Movie Would You Watch?

  5 March 2012

Iraqi Lebanese blogger Karl Sharro decided to start a new hashtag where people tweet movie names after putting a Salafist flavour into them. And like most of the humuorous hashtags, this one got spread in no time, when Twitter users in different Arab countries started using it.