· June, 2007

Stories about Lebanon from June, 2007

Lebanon: Syria's “in the eye of the storm”

  28 June 2007

A strange conversation took place last April between Syrian president Bashar El Assad and UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon, writes Sophia. The meeeting ends with Bashar El Assad telling Ban Ki Moon: “We are in the eye of the storm. You will need to stay in contact with us.”

Lebanon: Almost Non-Political Questions

  25 June 2007

What are we eating? Why are our banks flourishing? Who are those clearing cluster bombs? How will Brazil help in recycling Lebanese wastes? Where are some of the children who were caught in the crossfire? What about some music? These are some of the questions answered in this week’s selections from the Lebanese blogosphere.

Lebanon: UNIFIL Attacked

  25 June 2007

The UN peace keeping force in South Lebanon, UNIFIL, came under attack on Sunday. Six Spanish UN peacekeepers were killed and more were injured when a bomb exploded near their convoy. MacDara wrote that he “had intended for Sunday Nights post to be lighthearted and showing some of the good...

Damaged Arab Music

  21 June 2007

“Nothing has damaged music and arts in the Arab world more than Prince Walid Bin Talal,” writes Dr Asad Abu Khalil or the Angry Arab.

Arabeyes: World Refugee Day – Focus on Iraq

  20 June 2007

As the world marks the World Refugee Day today, the Middle East finds itself again at the centre of a mounting humanitarian tragedy. With more than 4 million of the 10 million refugees being Iraqi, let us see what bloggers are saying about this mounting humanitarian tragedy, often neglected by mainstream media.

Arabeyes: The Middle East in Pictures

  18 June 2007

This week's pictorial tour of the Middle East takes us to a wedding with a difference in Amman, Kuwait in a dust storm, where Lebanese escape the news and finally a picture of a hatching Bulbul in a tribute to a loving father from Bahrain.

Bahrain: Lebanese Appeal

  14 June 2007

An appeal has gone out for Bahrainis to dig deep in their pockets to help Palestinian refugees caught up in the crossfire in Lebanon, reports Haitham Sabbah, who is based in Bahrain.

Lebanon: Living Through Terror

  14 June 2007

This was yet another violent week here in Lebanon. In addition to the military action, taking place in the North between the Lebanese Army and the militants, and the almost regular explosions taking place around the country, this week was marred by another assassination, writes Moussa Bashir, who brings us the latest conversations from the Lebanese blogosphere.

Lebanon: Blogger's Close Encounter with Explosion

  13 June 2007

Blogger Charles Malik was only 50 meters away from the explosion that targeted a Lebanese MP killing and injuring more than 20 civilians today. He recounts his experience: “We were in a cafe next to Luna Park enjoying the late afternoon next to the sea after an intense day. Children...

Lebanon: Bomb Explosion Targets MP

  13 June 2007

“A powerful blast ripped through Beirut’s seaside, between the Long Beach and Sporting Club swimming facilities in Beirut's Manara district. Five dead so far and ten injured,” reports Moussa Bashir, from Beirut. “Nothing, nothing at all, justifies such acts of terror…Lord have mercy…. we in Lebanon are in dire need...

Lebanon: Four Categories of People

  13 June 2007

There are four categories of individuals in this world. There are those who are of type Sheep A, the second category are Sheep B, the third is Sheep C and the last type is Wolf, explains Lebanese blogger Liliane.

A Lebanese conspiracy theory

  9 June 2007

Tunisien Doctor writes that the Hariris, the Lebanese government and most Lebanese Sunnis wanted to manipulate [Fr] the radical Islamic groups based in the Palestinian camps to place pressure on the Shiites, only to have them turn against them.  Some of his readers accuse him of giving undue credence to...

Arabeyes: Saudis in Bahrain and Kuwaits and their Cars

  5 June 2007

Today's translation of Arabic blogs takes us to Saudi Arabia, where a blogger takes refuge in nearby Bahrain to clear his head over the weekend; Kuwait, where Frankom discusses the state of affairs in Arab countries and again to Kuwait, where Krakatoa 's car problems open our eyes to the unscrupulous practises of car agents.