· May, 2006

Stories about Lebanon from May, 2006

Lebanon: Looming Clash

  31 May 2006

lebanon.profile: published in anger over the recent Israeli bombing of Lebanon, the Israeli threat to bomb Beirut, and the need to call in Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to halt Israeli military action given the impotence of Hezbollah and the Lebanese and Syrian governments. A dangerous war of ideologies is...

Arabisc: Arabic Bloggers Ken

  26 May 2006

From Egypt… Malek who was scheduled to be free few days ago is now officially free. He just made his first post, titled: Free Morning. Malek writes: الحمدلله تم الافراج عني اليوم في حوالي الساعه الرابعه والنصف من قسم ترحيلات الخليفه لحد دلؤتي مقريتش حاجه اتكتبت عني بس بجد شكرا...

Arabisk – The Arabic Bloggers Ken

  19 May 2006

The following is an abbreviated translation from some of the Arabic-language blogsphere. Music… Amal, in her latest cartoon: “See my Wawa, kiss my Wawa.” The Wawa is the little tiny hurt “ouch”.. In this cartoon; a poor bleeding Palestinian child is begging from a wealthy Arabian man who seems not...

Lebanon: Chomsky's visit

  17 May 2006

lebanon.profile thinks that the American University of Beirut, the institution that paid for Chomsky's visit, should provide a more rounded view of the United States rather than present only the opinions of – what in the United States is deemed – the radical left.

Lebanon: Lebanon Spying on Syria

  5 May 2006

This is how Lebanon spies on Syria: Lebanon sends IT experts to inflict modernity on the Syrian government. Those experts design a network for the telecommunications ministry, and help them create a password. And when one day those experts access the system that they had designed using a password they...

Lebanon: Violence & Democracy

4 May 2006

Violence taking over democracy again in Lebanon. This time inside one of the Lebanese universities. Cedar-Guardian has some details.