· June, 2010

Stories about Lebanon from June, 2010

Middle East: Goodbye Saramago

  29 June 2010

Bloggers across the Middle East mourned the death of Portuguese writer Jose Saramago. Tarek Amr rounds up their reactions.

Lebanon’s Sex Industry

  18 June 2010

“We all know it exists but one reporter actually went into the trouble of investigating how ‘super night clubs’ work,” Lebanese blogger Mustapha at Beirut Spring writes in this post.

Lebanon: Outrage over Blocking of VoIP

  15 June 2010

A recent move by the Lebanese government has led to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services being blocked within Lebanon. Citizens are outraged by the move. Katharine Ganly rounds up some of the blog reactions to this issue.

Worldwide: Demonstrations for Palestine

  6 June 2010

Roba from Jordan published pictures from different demonstrations world wide against Israel's last attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, in Holland, Greece, Egypt, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sweden, France, Turkey, India, Italy, Canada, Spain, Belgium, United States, Bulgaria and Austria.

Lebanon: Blogosphere buzzing after Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla

  4 June 2010

Israel's attack on a Gaza aid convoy that killed at least 10 peace activists has sparked an international outcry, no less in Lebanon. The Lebanese blogosphere reacted sharply to news that its southern neighbour had violently stormed the Turkish aid convoy, the Mavi Marmara.

Lebanon: Seen Around Beirut

  4 June 2010

Graffitti is appearing on the walls of Beirut in the form of signposts pointing in the direction of Palestine. See an example posted by Laila at Like a grain of sand in the univers.