· July, 2007

Stories about Lebanon from July, 2007

Kuwait: Summer Party

  31 July 2007

Lebanese Maze, who lives in Kuwait, travelled to Jordan and shows us how people party in summer.

Palestine: Hillary Apology?

  27 July 2007

Palestinian Haitham Sabbah suggests that Hillary Clinton apologises to the UN for the death of a peace-keeper in Lebanon, after approving the sale of cluster bombs to Israel.

Kuwait: Shadowman Puzzle

  27 July 2007

“I understand why cleavage or nudity is usually covered with a black marker, but covering this man completely from head to toe I don’t understand…” writes Lebanese Mark, who lives in Kuwait.

Lebanon: Musings on Home

  21 July 2007

MMMMMMM from Lebanon posts pictures of his home in Lebanon and muses: “I wonder if one day my children are gonna grow up where I grew.”

Iran:Remember July war in Lebanon

  19 July 2007

Varesin writes[Fa] about last year war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon.The blogger says “the victory of Hezbollah proves that investing in Islamic groups can be very fruitful.”The blogger reminds that supporting Islamic groups is one of foundations of Islamic Republic.

Lebanon: One year Anniversary of the July War

  19 July 2007

Last year, around this time, Israel was waging what it later dubbed as "Second Lebanon War" against Lebanon. So last week, most Lebanese bloggers wrote about this war. The posts were about their recollections, reflections, analysis, etc, focusing on the 33 days of summer 2006 in Lebanon. The posts reflect the diverse opinions and perspectives regarding this conflict. This summary attempts to give a sample of as wide a variety of points of view as possible.

Palestine: On Nahr el Bared

  19 July 2007

Palestinian Haitham Sabbah gives us his thoughts on the war in Nahr el Bared, Lebanon, and asks: “Who is benefiting from this ongoing crisis? You may ask the Lebanese government and the ‘brave’ Palestinian leaders inside and outside Lebanon.”

Lebanon: What a Shame!

  13 July 2007

“It is a shame some people cannot make a distinction between politics and everyday life,” writes M from Lebanon in the wake of Israeli blogger and journalist Lisa Goldman visit to Lebanon.

Israel: A Spy in Lebanon

  13 July 2007

Israeli Lisa Goldman writes about her trip to Beirut and her coverage one year after the war with Israel and the reactions it received.