· August, 2007

Stories about Lebanon from August, 2007

Lebanon: Uproar at School in NY named after Khalil Gibran

  29 August 2007

Beirut Spring writes about an uproar surrounding a newly established public school in Brooklyn (NY), that is named after the Lebanese/Arab writer and poet Gibran Khalil Gibran. The school teaches many of its material in Arabic and has some courses on “Arab Culture”. Jewish groups demonstrated and condemned the opening...

Eiffel Tower Not ‘That Big’

  24 August 2007

Lebanese Mark, who lives in Kuwait, wasn't impressed with the Eiffel Tower during his trip to Paris and notes: “I was really expecting it to be much bigger. Weird.”

Israel: UN Not Welcome

  24 August 2007

“The United Nations is doing its best to endanger Israel by sending a team to change the border with Lebanon,” writes Batya, from Israel.

Israel: Lebanon Postcript

  24 August 2007

Lisa Goldman publishes an email she received from a reader about her trip to Lebanon, on the anniversary of the Second Lebanon War with Israel, here.

Lebanon: Upcoming Presidential Elections

  23 August 2007

The Lebanese constitution stipulates that the parliament should convene and elect a new president within a period of at least a month before the end of the tenure of the presiding president. The term of the current President Emille Lahoud will be over in November of this year. Therefore, it...

Syria: On Lebanon and Motorcycles

  19 August 2007

Just as the heat is cooling from an inter-Arab spat involving Jordanians and Iraqis, we move on to the Syrian blogosphere where bloggers are fanning the flames of a Palestinian-Lebanese virtual stand-off. Read Yazan's Badran round up to learn more.

Hezbollah video game lets players take on Israel

  19 August 2007

Hezbollah has come out with a video game (Fr) about the Lebanese resistance called “Special Force 2: Tale of the Truthful Pledge,” Tunisien Doctor announces. Players go head to head with enemy Merkava tanks and fight in battles based on Israel's July 2006 invasion of Lebanon. Can be played in...

Israel: Coverage Praised

  17 August 2007

Liza from Israelity commends journalist and blogger Lisa Goldman for her coverage, marking the first anniversary of the Second Lebanon War.

Lebanon: Analyzing the By–Election Results

  13 August 2007

Are you interested in finding out the different interpretations for the results of the by–elections held last week in Lebanon? Then you have to read this week’s round up of the Lebanese blogosphere.

Syria: Lebanese Border and Toilet Etiquette

  9 August 2007

Yazan Badran takes us on a tour of Syrian blogs where bloggers are discussing the worsening of conditions of Syrian workers and families at the Lebanese-Syrian border, calls for the return of the Golan Heights occupied by Israel to Syria, the Czech machine gun and toilet etiquette.

Lebanon: Elections, Socio-political Theories, Relief and Blogging

  2 August 2007

The Lebanese government decided to hold by–elections on August 5. These elections are to fill the parliamentary seats that became vacant due to the assassinations of the past months. Other topics also discussed this week include: the Lebanese middle–class, Lebanese architecture, language and social consciousness, and why dictatorship may be the best solution for Lebanon. In addition to these, there are posts about activities taking place during summer, the border town of Ayta Shaab a year after the July war and about blogging and netizens as well as aid given to the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.