· August, 2005

Stories about Lebanon from August, 2005

Labanon: APSA 2005

  31 August 2005

Abu Aardvark is on his way to to Washington for the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, where he will be presenting his “Anti-Americanisms in Arab Politics” paper.

Lebanon: Lebanon in Pain

30 August 2005

Mustapha says that you could almost smell the tension in Lebanon. Everyone is afraid, afraid from the unknown, from the harm yet to be caused.

Lebanon: Bin Laden's book

  16 August 2005

Abu Aardvark believes that publishing bin Laden's writings and speeches strikes is a positive thing and publishing the words of a mass murderer and terrorist is hard to defend normatively. But fighting against radical Islamism requires understanding it.

Blogging Survey

  10 August 2005

Maha is doing research for her Masters about blogging in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon . If you are living in any of these countries, go ahead and share your experience by taking this survey.

Lebanon: The Shia Dilemma is Lebanon's Dilemma

5 August 2005

Lebanese Political Journal is giving an interesting overview of the relation between the Lebanese Shi'a and Syria and how they became such monoliths that only massive turmoil could topple them.

Lebanon: Mourning with style!

3 August 2005

Abu Aardvark is summing up the last week of the Arab media's mourning using unpublished cartoon from Imad Hajjaj.

Lebanon: Arranged Marriage

3 August 2005

About Lebanon describes the reasons Lebanese families are going for Arranged Marriages and listing it… ingredients.

Lebanon: Tug of war

1 August 2005

About Lebanon asks why wouldn't a South Africa-style reconciliation commission work in Lebanon?