· September, 2009

Stories about Lebanon from September, 2009

Middle East: The Cupcake Revolution

  25 September 2009

A cupcake revolution is taking the Middle East by storm and sweet-toothed bloggers are tracking its development. Jillian C. York reports from the frontline.

Lebanon: Lebanese Bloggers React to Israeli film “Lebanon”

  14 September 2009

Lebanese bloggers have offered a mixed reception to another Israeli film about the Jewish state's 1982 invasion of its northern neighbour. Conspicuously titled "Lebanon", the autobiographical film is set entirely in a tank as it recounts the Israeli military's involvement in the conflict.

Arab World: Healing the Rifts of 9/11

  12 September 2009

As the United States remembers the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001, the rest of the world is remembering too. For many Arabs, that day marked a change in mutual perception. It fundamentally changed how the world perceives Arabs and how Arabs see the world.

Lebanon: Express Mail

  10 September 2009

The Arab Observer reviews Bareed Mista3jil, a new book published by Lebanon's lesbian support group Meem. The book, available in Arabic and English, presents the personal testimonies of 41 lesbians and queer women from all over Lebanon.

Palestine: New Blog on Land Grab

  6 September 2009

Marcy Newman announces on her blog Body on the Line: “my dear friend rami and i have started a new blog to catalog the ongoing nakbas (catastrophes) that happen every day in palestine, lebanon, syria as the result of a zionist land grab.”