· December, 2010

Stories about Lebanon from December, 2010

Lebanon: Stop Honking

  30 December 2010

Lebanese drivers are renowned for ‘honking.’ Cal Perry tweets: “Dear #Beirut … honk more. Seriously … lay on that car horn more. I can't hear you.”

Lebanon: Year's Review of the Lebanese Blogosphere

  28 December 2010

Liliane, at Lebanon Aggregator, rounds up 2010 with facts and figures about the Lebanese Blogosphere. They include new blogs, the range of subjects covered, who turned their blogs into books, activities that bloggers participated in and much more.

Lebanon: One in Every Four Lebanese is on Facebook

  26 December 2010

Facebook users in Lebanon will soon reach 1 million, which means 1 out of 4 Lebanese currently has a Facebook account. That’s pretty good given that we have the fifth slowest Internet speed in the whole universe, says Rami at +961.

Lebanon: One Wig Stand for Cancer Awareness

  26 December 2010

One Wig Stand is an awareness project that shares the stories of women battling breast cancer in Lebanon. The author explains that the site is not a sappy one intended to make the reader cry or feel sorry. Rather, it’s goal is to inspire, lighten the mood and provide some helpful resources.

Lebanon in the eyes of an Iranian photo-blogger

  22 December 2010

Mohmmad Reza Hassani is an Iranian professional photographer and photo-blogger who has lived and worked since 2009 in Lebanon. His photo blog has become a source to discover Iran-related affairs in Lebanon, from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent visit, to the exhibitions and concerts of Iranian musicians.

Lebanon: Billboards After the Storm

  17 December 2010

Beirut Drive-by Shooting, a blog specialized in photographing billboards around Lebanon, has images of the devastating effect that the storm which hit Lebanon last week had on some billboards.

Lebanon: Wikileaks for Children

  17 December 2010

“Don't worry, you do resemble your mom. She's just been plucked, bleached, and had a lot of plastic surgery,” says Says Sareen, in one of her four witty comics entitled “Wiki-leaks for Children.”

Lebanon: Blogger Farfahinne's First Arrest

  11 December 2010

Lebanese human rights activist and blogger Farfahinne shares her story of getting arrested by the Lebanese security forces when she tried to enter the Palestinian refugees camp "Nahr al-Bared" in north Lebanon to meet friends.

Lebanon: What are people wondering about?

  11 December 2010

Lebanese geek and blogger Mir is surprised by the Google search suggestions that she found while she was using the localized www.google.com.lb and posted her findings in her latest contribution to LifeGeeked.

Lebanon: Forest Fires Rage

  6 December 2010

“…over 100 fires were reported between 4 and 7 pm yesterday. There’s still a fire going on in the region of Fatri, one in Baabda closing on the Jamhour electricity station and another in Zahle in the Mimosa factory,” reports Najib on the fires burning around Lebanon during this weekend.

Lebanon: Blogging Lebanon Ends

  6 December 2010

“Overall, the event was successful and beneficial for most audience members. Many students have expressed their interest in starting their own blogs or improving their existing ones” – with this statement, Moudz ends the press release about American University of Beirut’s Online Collaborative's first “Blogging Lebanon” convention.