· July, 2012

Stories about Lebanon from July, 2012

Lebanon: Mixed Feelings Following Syria's Bombing

  18 July 2012

Today's Damascus blast cost the life of Syria's deputy Defense Minister Assef Shawkat and other top officials of president Bashar Al Assad's inner circle. As usual, the blast had its direct repercussions on Lebanon. Lebanese netizens take to their keyboards to share their thoughts.

Lebanon: Interview with the “Brofessional Review”

  15 July 2012

Nine months ago, a group of graduates teamed up to start a blog tackling everything related to design called “Brofessional Review”. Now, with more than 100 reviews in their archive, readers look forward to their posts/opinions whenever a new brand, advertising campaign or promo hits the market. Global Voices Online interviewed them to know more about what they do.