· July, 2010

Stories about Lebanon from July, 2010

Lebanon: Felesteen 2.0

  31 July 2010

Felesteen 2.0 is setting up a series of new blogs as part of their social media project. The new bloggers are residents of the Shatila camp, ranging from 14 – 22 years of age with diverse educational backgrounds.

Lebanon: “Looks like Beirut” Award

  23 July 2010

Lebanon News: Under Rug Swept periodically awards the “Looks Like Beirut” Award “in recognition of the work done to keep the overused, worn-out, tired cliché “…looks like Beirut…” alive. It is awarded to Hull and East Riding here, a Weymouth resident here, and a resident of Strabane here.

Lebanon: The Rule of Dinosaurs

  20 July 2010

Shortly after the recent cyber censorship incidents in Lebanon, the term "The Rule of Dinosaurs" started to be used by the e-activists in their campaign against this invasion of their cyberspace. Lebanese blogger Tony explains what it means.

Lebanon: Saving the Planet and Sustainability

  19 July 2010

In this post, Ghassan Karam argues that “the biggest threat to human civilization and biodiversity as we know it is the human species itself” since the increase in the population of the Earth is resulting in an inevitable ecological degradation. He also mentions that Lebanon ranks as the 129th most...

Lebanon: The Plight of Palestinian Refugees

  19 July 2010

“We can work in any field or industry, they can’t. We can learn for free, they aren’t allowed. We have access to free healthcare, they don’t. We enjoy our dignity and human rights while they struggle to simply maintain theirs. And this has been going on for a good portion...

Lebanon: Swimming Pool Discrimination

  19 July 2010

“A group of independent activists organized a direct action on a number of touristic resorts that adopt racist policies towards migrant workers in Lebanon on the basis of color, race, and class.”  The video in this post shows activists trying to get a migrant domestic worker (an activist of the Madagascari...

Lebanon: Don't kill your language!

  19 July 2010

Is the Arabic language being murdered? Dany Awad comments on a new awareness project taking part on the streets of Beirut, imploring passers-by not to kill their language. See photos of this innovative project in this post [AR].

Lebanon: Three Arrested for Facebook Postings

  8 July 2010

Lebanese Naim George Hanna, 27, Antoine Youssef Ramya, 29, and Shebel Rajeh Qassab, 27, have been arrested for posting Facebook statuses against the Lebanese President Michel Suleiman. The Lebanese online community is outraged because of the invasion of their cyberspace and here are some of their reactions.

MENA: CNN Journalist's Comment Sparks Controversy

  7 July 2010

The passing of Lebanese religious leader Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah was, for many, a major event. And yet, a passing remark on Twitter by an American CNN journalist of Lebanese background is causing a stir in the Twittersphere, blogosphere, and beyond.

Lebanon: Najwa Karam's New Video Clip

  5 July 2010

Hanitizer at Arab-American group blog KABOBfest remarks on a new video clip by Lebanese signer Najwa Karam, which was produced with help from the Lebanese Army.