· February, 2007

Stories about Lebanon from February, 2007

Lebanon: Academia, Agriculture and Construction

  26 February 2007

Let us begin this week’s roundup of the Lebanese blogosphere with non–political posts. Let us start from a post about two Lebanese salads that are used as appetizers during meals: Skylark shows us (Fr) how to prepare Fattush and Tabboule, which are two delicious Lebanese salads that are usually found...

Syrian Blogsphere: Free Kareem, Towards a Democratic Syria, Arabism and More

  26 February 2007

The Syrian blogsphere reacted to the news about the sentencing of Egyptian blogger Kareem Nabil Sulaiman with disgust. Abu Kareem from Levantine Dreamhouse wrote… The language of the charges is sickeningly familiar. It is the language that paranoid authoritarian governments use when they feel threatened, when someone tells the TRUTH....

Lebanon's War, Again

  26 February 2007

How will the Lebanese get over their past if they don't discuss it, says Syrian blogger Abu Kareem. “Many if not most Lebanese children get their education in non-secular schools that teach different versions of the history of Lebanon. All schools, however, seem to agree on one thing; when it...

Lebanon: Cold Civil War

  22 February 2007

You have heard of the cold war and you know what a civil war is. But what is a cold civil war? You need to read about it at Mustapha’s The Beirut Spring here.

Did Hizbollah Rebuild Itself?

  20 February 2007

Issandr El Amrani posts a question by a reader on the point of the summer war on Lebanon if “Hizbollah can build itself back up to pre-war capabilities after just six months.”

Lebanon: Observing Lent

  19 February 2007

Lebanese blogger Rampurple is observing Lent this year. “Let the countdown begin. 49 days left until Easter and until I have chocolate and burgers again. Those are what I am craving for right now. Let’s see how long I will last. It is the first time I fast completely,” she...

Iran Flooding Archaeological Sites

  19 February 2007

Ancient archaeological sites dating back to the pre-Islamic invasion era are about to be flooded in Iran, writes Lebanese blogger Publius Pundit. The writer urges readers to sign an important decision to halt the destruction.

Arabisc: Pictorial Tour of the Middle East

  19 February 2007

Fed up of all the politics in the Middle East? Me too. This week we will take a pictorial tour of the region, making stops in Qatar, Bahrain, Tunisia and Lebanon, to name a few. There are real amazing photographers out there and the scenery and mood quickly changes from...

Lebanon: Terrorist Attack and Hariri’s Commemoration

  17 February 2007

Two years ago, on February 14, a massive terrorist explosion targeting Rafic Hariri took away his life and the lives of many others. Fast forward, two years and many dramatic incidents later, the Lebanese marked the event with a mass rally in Martyr’s Square. A day before the memorial, a...

From Lebanon to India

  15 February 2007

Respect for the rule of law is what separates Lebanon from India, according to Lebanese blogger Ms Levantine.

Lebanon: Anti-Syria Sentiments ‘Real’

  15 February 2007

Lebanese blogger Mustafa says although a rally in Beirut yesterday was tarnished by useless gimmicks, it showed that the anti-Syrian majority ‘is definitely not “fictional”.’

Valentine Special: Is Love in the Air in the Middle East?

  14 February 2007

If a picture says a thousand words, this is the image Cece, who is based between Bahrain and Kuwait, has posted to sum up how she feels about Valentine's Day. Although she isn't alone in shunning the tradition, which is fairly new to the region, for others it is a...

Lebanon: Sectarianism and Peace Groups

  13 February 2007

The fears of sectarian strife may be the reason why a good number of bloggers wrote about sectarianism this week. However, as one may expect, bloggers do not agree on how to define or confront this issue. While some see that it is blown out of proportion, or that ignoring...

Lebanon: We Want the Truth

  12 February 2007

Lebanese blogger EDB wants to know the truth and is calling for an international tribunal to “try the drug dealers who supplied Anna Nicole (Smith) with a lethal overdose.”

Arabisc: Egyptian Women a Cut Above the Rest

  9 February 2007

Prostitution, female circumcision and lesbianism aren't vices restricted to Egyptian woman, says Egyptian blogger Tamr Heneh, in an open letter to Egyptian talk show hostess Dr Hala Sarhan. According to the blogger, the Arab world has much more problems which Dr Sarhan could focus on, instead of continuing to drag...