· September, 2007

Stories about Lebanon from September, 2007

Lebanon: Language Differentiating Islamic Movements

  23 September 2007

Bech raises this question among others: “Is there something that differentiates Islamic movements from other movements?“ And he answers, tentatively: “The difference is in the language used as representative of a different ‘form’ of consciousness (culture, etc.) shaped by different institutions and power relations in place.”

Lebanon: Politically Apathetic

  23 September 2007

I am politically apathetic.I prefer this to being engaged in a political party whose leaders will deceive me, double-cross their ideals and sell their martyrs to the highest bidder… declares Joumana Mattar Moukarzel in reaction to the unstable political situation in the country.

Lebanon: Explosions Depressing

  21 September 2007

“It’s really gotten to a point where there isn’t much more that can go wrong. I’ve honestly lost count on how many politicians have gotten assassinated in the past couple of years and its depressing and sickening,” writes Lebanese blogger Mark.

Lebanon: Calling for the boycott of a book

  21 September 2007

Arch.Memory at Lebanese Blogger Forum is calling for the boycott of the bestselling book “1000 Places To See Before You Die” because it has a “gaping omission that is simply shameful and unacceptable. It lists no sites worth seeing in Lebanon, a country that contains 6 of the UNESCO World...

Lebanon: Assassination Foreseen

  21 September 2007

“‘Something big will happen after Ramadan.’ ‘People will start fighting outside of Beirut.’ And the most popular one: ‘Someone will get killed during the presidential elections.’ [snip] Well, it seems that the Lebanese were right to think ‘the situation’ would heat up at the end of September,” wrote Melissa about...

Lebanon: MP Antoine Ghanem Assassinated

  19 September 2007

Member of the Lebanese Parliament Antoine Ghanem was assassinated today by a bomb that targeted his car in Beirut’s suburb of Sin el-Fil, Hursh Tabet area. Mr. Ghanem, 64, was a member of the Phalange Party which is led by ex–president Amine Gemayel. At least six other people were killed and 20 wounded in the attack. Moussa Bashir brings us the latest reactions from the Lebanese blogosphere.

Lebanon: Terrorist Explosion

  19 September 2007

“A large terrorist explosion targetted the Sin el Fil area on the outskirt of Beirut. LBC is reporting that the explosion is near Antoine Library. The reporter is saying that on of the burning cars belong to a member of parliament. The images on LBC are grave. Burning cars, destroyed...

Lebanon: Ramadan Kareem

  17 September 2007

A bountiful and peaceful Ramadan to all from Lebanon. In this post Moussa Bashir takes us to the homes of Lebanese bloggers who break their fast with their families, showing us their artistic side and how the pace of life changes for an entire month.

Lebanon: Historic dates and decline of Lebanese blogosphere

  16 September 2007

Phil at Libanismes (Fr) notes three historic dates that greatly affected the Lebanese blogosphere during the past two years. The first was February 2005, the date of the assassination of Rafiq Hariri. The second was July 2006, during the Israeli war against Lebanon. The third is the year 2007, which...

Lebanon: Maids Abused

  14 September 2007

Sursock and UrShalim posted excerpts and links to reports of cases of abuse as well as dire working conditions that some maids from Africa experience while working in Lebanon.

Lebanon: HRW Blames Israel for Lebanese Civilian Casualties

  7 September 2007

In its latest report, the Human Rights Watch made the point that Hezbullah did not use civilians as human shields while fighting against Israel in the war during summer 2006. The report rebukes Israel for the unjustified bombing of civilian areas leading to more than 1,000 civilian deaths. Beirut Spring,...

Lebanon: Celebrating the Return of Soldiers

  5 September 2007

My Beloved Lebanon and Blacksmiths of Lebanon posted many photos of the jubilant crowds welcoming the returning soldiers their months long battle with Fateh el Islam in the Naher el Bared Camp (North Lebanon).

Lebanon: Army Ends “Fateh el Islam”

  3 September 2007

The siege of Nahr el Bared refugee camp is finally over. The Lebanese Army ended the warfare with the so called “Fateh el Islam” militants after 105 days by killing and capturing its remaining members. It is reported that among the dead is their leader Shaker el Absi. Thousands of Lebanese took to the streets, around the country and especially in the North, to celebrate the army’s victory. Moussa Bashir brings us the latest discussions from the Lebanese blogosphere about this development.

Kuwait: Dedicated Post

  1 September 2007

Lebanese blogger Fonzy, who is based in Kuwait, dedicates this post to “a blogger friend, who became an email friend, then a chatting friend, then a real-life friend. And this post is simply what I think of her, after getting to know her.”