· August, 2010

Stories about Lebanon from August, 2010

Lebanon: Giving Palestinian Refugees the Right to Work

  24 August 2010

Lebanon is home to over 400,000 Palestinian refugees, who are not allowed to own property, cannot access the health care system, and need a special permit to leave their refugee camps. On August 17, the Lebanese parliament passed a law granting Palestinian refugees the same employment rights as other foreigners. Bloggers and tweeps react to this development.

Lebanon: Souk Saida – Beauty vs. Poverty

  24 August 2010

Lebanese blogger Bahaafe shares his experience (with photos) of his first visit to the heart of the coastal southern city Saida; in his post entitled ‘Souk Saida – Beauty of Stone VS Poverty of Life‘.

Egypt: Egyptian Woman Vs a Woman….

  23 August 2010

Aliaa Elzeiny, an Egyptian studying political science at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, is reflecting on whether there is a different between “Egyptian Women” and “Women” or not.

Tech and Transparency in MENA: A Long Way to Go

  19 August 2010

Technology for transparency activists are making headway in the Middle East and North Africa, but greater access to both technology tools and skills and legal assistance is needed in order to maximize their potential.

Saudi Arabia: In Memory of Dr Ghazi Al Gosaibi

  16 August 2010

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are mourning the loss of an intellectual who has contributed greatly to the cultural and development scene of both neighbouring countries. Ghazi Al Gosaibi, a poet, author, Ambassador and minister, died yesterday at the age of 70. Bloggers and tweeps remember him in this round up of reactions from across the Arab world.

Beirut: 10 things to do under $10

  14 August 2010

Think visiting Beirut is expensive? Shalabieh at Shalabieh's World gives us suggestions for 10 things to do in Beirut for under $10. See the ideas, and maybe add your own suggestions here.

Lebanon: Top Tweet

  11 August 2010

“Israel should publish a guidebook “How to start a war and blame others 101” #lebanese” was  the Darine Sabbagh's comment on the Lebanese border clash of August 3rd and which became a Top Tweet.

Lebanon: Hezbollah, STL and Jumblatt

  11 August 2010

Friday Lunch Club quotes MP Walid Jumblatt as saying: “Jeffrey Feltman [former US ambassador to Lebanon] informed me, months ago, that the STL [Special Tribunal for Lebanon] was after Hezbollah…” adding that Jumblatt wondered “how can the STL be after justice, when a US official knows of its ‘secret’ decisions...

Lebanon: Unique Summers

  11 August 2010

“Since the beginning of Summer 2010, the Israeli PR machine didn’t take a summer vacation, in fact they doubled the efforts […] to make sure that Lebanese Tourism, which is the living blood of Lebanon’s growth, doesn’t happen,” writes Lebanese Voices on a series of Israeli incursions and about the August 3rd border...

Egypt: Obssessed with Celebrities’ Religion

  8 August 2010

In Egypt, some people decide to like or hate celebrities based on their religion. Lebanese actress Nour, Egyptian actress Basma, radio host Osama Mounir, and many others have all been subjected to this scrutiny. Why are people so obsessed with the beliefs of celebrities?

Lebanon: Endless traffic jams

  3 August 2010

“Lately it's like the Gods of Traffic have unleashed their fury upon us.” With this comment, Maya Zankoul begins this cartoon strip, in which she depicts the hours wasted in traffic jams in Lebanon.

Lebanon: Condom for a mascot

  3 August 2010

“When I first saw this picture of a person wearing a condom costume roaming the Beirut streets I thought to myself: Wow! The Lebanese ministry of health is finally taking serious measures to promote safe intercourse…” But the condom mascot was from PETA, writes Nia Soul in a disappointed tone, noting...

Lebanon: Loving the army

  3 August 2010

Hatem Hamoui celebrates the 65th anniversary of the formation of the Lebanese Army by this cartoon showing how the Lebanese youth love their army.

Lebanon: Colorful garbabe bins

  3 August 2010

“For 2 weeks, we had beautiful colorful bins with the new logo… But now, we are back to the green garbage bins, only using the new logo. Does this mean that the colorful bins were just a tactic communication practice to get the new logo noticed?” Celine asks in this...