· May, 2007

Stories about Lebanon from May, 2007

Lebanon: It's Getting Hot in Here

  31 May 2007

Sietske, a Dutch expat living in Lebanon, fills us in on the latest developments in Beirut. “The Warden messages from the Canadian and American embassy are arriving more frequent now (Warden messages are messages from embassies to warn their nationals of (imminent) danger that may befall upon them). “I even...

Lebanon: Questioning Amnesty for Islamic Militants

  31 May 2007

Frencheagle writes that certain members of Fatah Islam implicated in the decapitation of 27 people on the first night of the conflict with the Lebanese government were not only granted amnesty by parliament [Fr] in 2005, but were arrested last year–and then promptly released–for vandalizing the Danish embassy. “You don't...

Syria: A Letter from a Syrian Worker in Lebanon

  30 May 2007

Golaniya posted a letter from a Syrian Worker in Lebanon. “In Lebanon, our hopes are now starting to flee away. We are outcasts. We receive all kinds of cursing and swearing from people. We sometimes got hit and killed. This happens when politicians, deliberately and non deliberately, make their loaded...

Lebanon: Hariri Tribunal Wait Over

  30 May 2007

“Today, after a long wait, the International Tribunal will be established. The next priority is to build bridges, mend fences and restore unity and confidence in this country,” writes Beirut Spring.

Lebanon: More on the Crisis in the Country

  29 May 2007

For the second week, Lebanese bloggers have posted anecdotes, reflections, updates, photos, videos, jokes, sarcasm and drawings on the issue that is taking precedence over all other topics. The issue is the ongoing violence which is taking the form of clashes in the north between the army and the militants and the terrorist explosions jumping from one location to another around the country, writes Moussa Bashir.

Syria: Presidential Referendum and Lebanon Clashes

  27 May 2007

Today, Syria is reelecting president Bashar Assad for a new seven-year term in office. The process is done through a referendum, which means there will be no other challengers. The referendum paper has a green circle that says "Yes" and a gray one that says "No". The result is expected to be 99.xx% in favour of the president - as is the tradition in Syria for the last 37 years. Yazan Badran sums up the reactions of Syrian bloggers here.

Palestine: Political Groups Silent on Lebanon Fighting

  25 May 2007

Palestinian Pundit Tony publishes an interview conducted by the Electronic Intifada (EI)with blogger and professor Asa'ad Abu Khalil regarding the latest fighting in Lebanon here. “EI: What has been the reaction to these events Lebanon and are any groups or parties condemning the bombardment of Nahr al-Bared camp? ABUKHALIL: As...

Lebanon: Urgent Aid Needed

  25 May 2007

‘They called it a second nakba (catastrophe). “The first one in 1948 was a black and white nakba, it was easy to know who our enemies were. This one is more colorful.” This is how Palestinian refugees from Nahr al Bared camp described their flight to Badawi refugee camp, about...

Lebanon: Fighting Resumes

  25 May 2007

Writing from Lebanon Blacksmith Jade says: “After a two-day long truce, fierce fighting in and around the Nahr el Bared refugee camp resumed on Thursday night as the Lebanese Army evacuated journalists, and intercepted a group of Fatah al Islam gunmen as they tried to flee the camp.”

Lebanon: Where's Our Patriotism?

  25 May 2007

After relegating herself to the status of spectator of the recent violence in Lebanon, Marie-Josee takes up her pen, this time to write about how the country's trivialization of the deaths of Lebanese soldiers shows a “fundamental lack of patriotism” (Fr) on the part of Lebanon's government and its people.

Lebanon: Civilians Unharmed by Army

  24 May 2007

“During the past couple of days, media and many blogs have been reporting the cruel racist targeting of innocent Palestinian civilians by the Lebanese Army. Some even went as far as comparing the Lebanese Army with the Israeli and American ones, and how they all share a common interest in...

Lebanon: Where Will the Next Bomb Strike?

  24 May 2007

Lebanese blogger Charles Malak is asking: Where will the next bomb strike in Lebanon? “So, where can we expect the next attack? Hamra? Jal ed Dib? Batroun? Bhamdoun? Most Lebanese go to work, and return home immediately. Friends, the other day, came over to my place. They said, “We'll go...

Syria: Lebanon is Boiling

  24 May 2007

Writing from Syria, Mustafa Hamido says: “Lebanon is boiling. It is the filed of all conflicts in the world. When US tried to prove its strength in the world after its clear defeat in Iraq went to Lebanon and has supported anti-Eastern powers which includes an important portion of Christian...

Lebanon: “Ordinary’ Racism

  23 May 2007

Lebanese blogger Sophia translates a newspaper article which caught her eyes here. ‘The original title is ‘Deep Rooted Racism in Lebanon’. I decided to translate this article after hearing this evening ordinary Lebanese on most world news channels giving to the press racist remarks about Palestinians. There was even a...

Jordan: Arab-Arab Relations

  23 May 2007

“Iraqi versus Iraqi. Palestinian versus Palestinian. Lebanese versus Palestinian militants. To say nothing of… “Arab unity seems to be a pipe dream more and more these days. On the political level it’s been dead and buried for quite some time but perhaps the social level is what I find more...

Kuwait: Lion Caught

  23 May 2007

Kuwait-based Lebanese blogger Mark informs us that a lion who escaped in Kuwait was caught by police.