· June, 2006

Stories about Lebanon from June, 2006

Lebanon: Medical Tourism

  29 June 2006

Raja describes his visit to what seems to be a tourism medical center. The first in Lebanon. The hospital feels like a five-star hotel. Family members take turns visiting their sick sibling, parent or child. While one or two are continuously present in the hospital, the others go shopping, head...

Lebanon: Lebanon Denies Approving Gay Group

  20 June 2006

QArab report that the Lebanon's acting Interior Minister denied charges by conservative Muslim clerics that the government had approved a gay rights group as well as nudist beaches at two resorts.

Lebanon: Take it to the next step

14 June 2006

So now we're back in Lebanon. A country where an influential minority, that I call the cosmopolitan population, finds that it can mix freely and enjoy leisure time together without regards to sectarian lines. But is that as far as it goes in Lebanon? Leisure and Friendships? What about the...