· November, 2005

Stories about Lebanon from November, 2005

Welcome To The Lebanese Blogosphere

28 November 2005

Yesterday, Anton Efendi from Across the Bay, posted this picture: It shows the Prime Minister planting a fatherly kiss on May Chidiac's forehead. May Chidiac is the Journalist who lost a foot and an arm in a terrorist car bomb. To Anton, this kiss symbolizes the story of Lebanon: a...

Lebanon: Asad Speech

10 November 2005

Mustapha describe President Asad of Syria, speech as an insult to Lebanon.


8 November 2005

Abu Aardvark says that Al-Hurra, the Arabic language satellite television network set up by the US administration to promote freedom and democracy in the Middle East, is to be investigated for possible irregularities.

Lebanon: International Support

1 November 2005

Mustapha wonders, whyArabs side with a dictator against the whole international community? Doha thinks that it's time for the Syrian people to be represented by someone who takes their interest into heart.