· April, 2006

Stories about Lebanon from April, 2006

The Lebanese Bloggers Last Week: looking outside and building bridges

30 April 2006

Although last week witnessed the seventh Lebanese “National Dialogue” session, Lebanese Bloggers didn’t seem to care. Apparently, many of them are resigned to the sessions being just talk shops. Raja wrote in The Lebanese Bloggers: I can't even fathom the number of times our “leaders” have decided to leave things...

Lebanon: Iran Worse than Israel?

  24 April 2006

Iran appears as a greater threat to some Lebanese Sunnis than Israel. The reasoning behind this comes from both domestic and regional factors, however, it is couched in regional terms, Lebanon Profile said.

Lebanon: Street Walk

7 April 2006

Having his car in repair shop, Ramzi decided to walk down the streets of Beirut with a handy cell phone camera. What he sees are things you can’t notice while driving. Check them out.