· November, 2006

Stories about Lebanon from November, 2006

Lebanon: Open-ended sit-in by Opposition

  30 November 2006

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, terming Premier Fouad Saniora's government “failure,” called for an open-ended sit-in Friday in downtown Beirut to achieve what he described as “political partnership” in running Lebanon. Abu Kais describe this by saying: “On Friday, Syria and Iran will launch an attack on Lebanon. They have...

Lebanon: Hizbullah and communal coexistence

  28 November 2006

“With Hizbullah reportedly planning “surprise” protests this week to topple the Siniora government, many, including Shias, are not surprised by how far the foreign-funded militia is prepared to take the country, and the Shia community, in what seems to be a political jihad against the state,” Abu Kais said.

Lebanon: Minister Pierre Gemayel Assassinated

  28 November 2006

Lebanon witnessed this week the brutal assassination of its minister of industry and trade. This terrorist act overshadowed all other events and topics in the Lebanese blogosphere. Nevertheless, the posts were as varied and different as the political inclinations of the Lebanese themselves. Here is a sample of what they...

Egypt: Shias Love and Hate Al Jazeera

  24 November 2006

The Big Pharoah, from Egypt, says that Qatari-backed Al Jazeera channel is loved by the Shia of Lebanon and hated by the Shia of Iraq. In return, he claims that the Sunnis of Iraq love Al Jazeera while the Sunnis of Lebanon hate it.

Omar: CNN Biased Against Syria

  24 November 2006

Blogger Omar, who lives in Canada, says the media – and especially CNN – are biased against Syria in their coverage of Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel's assassination.

  23 November 2006

Lebanese Abu Kais links videos showing the thousdands of people who attended assassinated Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel's funeral in Beirut today.

  22 November 2006

Mustafa from Beirut Spring has posted some banners on his site for people to print and wave at a huge rally planned in Lebanon tomorrow as part of assassinated Christian government minister Pierre Gemayel's funeral.

  21 November 2006

Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel was killed in a terrorist attack in Jdeideh in Beirut, Abu Kais reports minutes after the attack. Follow the link for more updates as more details about the assassination emerge.

Lebanon: Campaigns, Politics and Photos

  21 November 2006

A wide variety of topics were highlighted in the Lebanese blogosphere this week. There are campaigns against sectarianism, child abuse and AIDS as well as minorities speaking out. There are attempts to define the shades of grey in internal Lebanese politics. We also have posts about the media, nice photos...

  20 November 2006

Lebanese Mark who lives and works in Kuwait had to fly into Dubai for urgent business. Although he didn't like his hotel, traffic and the fact that an exhibition he wanted to visit was closed by the time he had finished his work, he found items he really wanted but...

  20 November 2006

An Arab version of both YouTube and Flickr on one site, called Ikbis, is gaining popularity in the Arab world, writes Mustapha from Beirut Spring. A video of a Lebanese girl belly dancing in her room is among the most watched videos in the site, which has sparked the interest...

Arabisc: Best Blog Awards Winners and Recurring Nightmares

  14 November 2006

Arabic blogs are making their mark on the international blogging scene, with more writers and commentators taking to their keyboards and enjoying the thrill of the instant publication of their ideas away from government censorship, newspaper censorship and self-censorship! The BOBS – Best of the Blogs Awards 2006 highlighted a...

Lebanon: Sweet and Sour

  7 November 2006

Iraq, Palestine, Israel, and an alternative drink to the regular carbonated soda were topics discussed in the Lebanese blogs this week. The reconvening of the internal political discussion among rival Lebanese politicians in the form of “the consultations” was also the focus of many blogs. Before embarking on the tiresome...