· March, 2008

Stories about Lebanon from March, 2008

Lebanon: On censorship

  30 March 2008

Beirut Spring posts about “good censorship” versus “bad censorship” and on the difference between censoring the Da Vinci Code and censoring Persepolis in Lebanon.

Lebanon: Facebook Suicide

  30 March 2008

SLH shares this letter that he sent to his “facebook friends” explaining the reasons behind his decision to leave Facebook forever and to “rejoin real world interaction”.

Lebanon: On Affiliation

  23 March 2008

Tantalus shares his sarcasm about the “Lebanese tradition of affiliating with anything but [their] country…”

Lebanon: Presidential Election and Foreign Intervention

  22 March 2008

Lebanon is now in its fifth month without a president. Political bickering between different parties has reached dangerous levels to the extent that there is a genuine fear of civil strife among people - especially since street fights are breaking out every now and then between supporters of various groups, writes Moussa Bashir, who takes a closer look at the reaction of bloggers towards politicians travelling abroad to rally support for their teams.

Lebanon: Lack of interest

  20 March 2008

“To be completely honest with you, I’m having a sudden lack of interest in Lebanese affairs these days… It could be a serious case of disillusionment about Lebanon and its politics, or it could be a simple case of I-need-a-break,” says Beirut Spring about his lull in blogging.

Lebanon: Solidere demolishes synagogue

  20 March 2008

“The last witnesses to Beirut's architectural heritage and to the once-thriving Lebanese Jewish community in Wadi Abu-Jmil fall to the bulldozers of Saad Hariri's Solidere,” writes Hanibaal.

Lebanon: Hanging on

  20 March 2008

Marillionlb shares the story of a middle aged man who is keeping his faith in Lebanon despite the odds and hardships.

Iraq at Five: The World Reacts

  19 March 2008

Today, March 19, marks five years of "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Initially a plan to oust Saddam Hussein and "end the war before it started," the war in Iraq continues to this day, much to the dismay of many ordinary citizens around the globe. In that vein, Global Voices Online will post reactions today from bloggers in Iraq, the Middle East and North Africa, and elsewhere.

Christians in Iraq

  19 March 2008

French-Lebanese blogger Frencheagle writes about the assassination of the Bishop of Mosul and the plight of Christians in Iraq [Fr].

Lebanon: Khiam Prison

  15 March 2008

Bech writes about the torture and daily activities of a Lebanese ex-prisoner who spent five years in the Israeli controlled Khiam prison during Israel's occupation of South Lebanon.

Lebanon: March 14, Three Years Later

  15 March 2008

“Just when you thought our political gasbags had run out of hot air, there’s more,” says JoseyWales about the “Very Important Document” expected to be announced by “the Cedar Revolution” on March 14.

Lebanon: Murr for President?

  14 March 2008

If rumors are to be believed, then General Michel Sleiman is Metn MP Michel Murr's choice for the next President of Lebanon, reports Charles Malik from Lebanon.