· September, 2011

Stories about Lebanon from September, 2011

Lebanon: What Will be the Fate of Lebanese Prisoners in Syria?

  5 September 2011

Far from the daily protests in Syria, a group of mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters in downtown Beirut, Lebanon have held a permanent sit-in in a small tent since April 2005, calling for the return of Lebanese political detainees from Syria. Some have been missing for more than 30 years.

Lebanon: Saad-eddine Al-Hariri the Cab Driver

  2 September 2011

Salman Andary interviews (Ar) Mr. Saad-eddine Al-Hariri in Beirut! But this interview is with Mr. Saad-eddine Al-Hariri the cab driver and not the ex-prime minister of Lebanon (who is known as Saad Hariri and who has not been in Lebanon for months now).

Lebanon: “Live For The Moment” Attitude?

  2 September 2011

“The only thing that came to my mind is how can we be labelled as people who live for the moment, while at the age of 22-23, the young Lebanese is compelled to think about buying an overly expensive house which he/she has to pay in installments for, for 20...