· November, 2007

Stories about Lebanon from November, 2007

Special Coverage: Middle East Peace 2007

  30 November 2007

The Middle East Question has grabbed the international headlines for more than half a century. It is now the turn of the region's netizens to vent off and add their perspectives to events touching their lives and the security and stability of the countries they live in. Read about what the region's most outspoken bloggers have to say in our Middle East Peace 2007 Special Coverage page.

Israel: Blogger's Views on the Annapolis Summit

  30 November 2007

The Annapolis Conference, held on November 27, 2007 at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, ended with the issuing of a joint statement from all parties. Over the past week, Israeli bloggers shared mostly pessimistic voices around the topic of this conference. Many are cynical to the possibility of peace emanating from these leaders who have little support from their people.

Annapolis: The View from the Middle East

  28 November 2007

With leaders and politicians from the Middle East and far afield meeting in Annapolis, US, over brokering a peace deal between Israel and its Arab neighbours, the mood remains somber, skeptical and pessimistic among bloggers from the region.

Lebanon: Unconstitutional State of Emergency

  23 November 2007

The government is going to announce that the state of emergency is unconstitutional because apparently the constitution says that the government must announce it and it should be signed by the Minister of Defense, reports Lebanese blogger Eliedh.

Lebanon: State of Emergency..Or Not

  23 November 2007

Lebanon is in a political limbo after parliament failed to elect a successor for President Emile Lahoud today. Hours before the end of his term, Lahoud ordered the army to take charge of security, leaving rival factions responsible for naming a president and leading to international calls for calm. Lebanon's bloggers were quick to react.

Arabeyes: Halal Pork?

  23 November 2007

Islam, like Judaism, bans its adherents from consuming pork. But what happens when rumours about 'Halal' or religiously sanctioned pork appear in the market? Here's what some bloggers and participants in an online forum from Bahrain have to say.

Lebanon: Pessimistic About the Elections

  23 November 2007

Lebanese blogger Maze is pessimistic about his country's presidential elections. “Tomorrow is the presidential elections in Lebanon after months of killing,destruction and pain…personally I'm pessimistic and don't think that a decision will be taken,” he writes.

Kuwait: Motorbike Trip

  23 November 2007

Kuwaiti blogger Hellraiser continues to update us on his motorbike trip from Kuwait to Beirut, Lebanon, and back on this blog. The blogger has just arrived in Amman, Jordan, from Beirut.

Lebanon: Presidential Elections Debate Continues

  23 November 2007

Yesterday, November 22, was officially Lebanon’s Independence Day. Today is the constitutional deadline for the election of a new president of the republic. Bloggers reflections range from optimistic and pessimistic analysis of what is happening and what is expected to the effect of all this on the average Lebanese citizen, writes Moussa Bashir.

Lebanon: Becoming a Successful Politician

  22 November 2007

Lebanese blogger Life Flaw suggests ways of becoming a successful politician in Lebanon. “If you are not a fortunate son of a… leader, you need to find an alternative way to make your way in the swamp of politics. A very efficient way is to buy it!!!” he explains.

Lebanon: You Are Interfering

  22 November 2007

“After a publicly open back and forth discussion between the U.S. of A. and Syria, each, blaming the other for interfering in the Lebanese presidential elections; I see no room for me to take sides. In fact I feel the US and Syria are both interfering in Lebanese affairs,” notes...

Lebanon: Presidential Elections Debate

  13 November 2007

Lebanon has officially entered the constitutional period for the election of a new president, the deadline for which is November 23. Here are a few reactions from the Lebanese blogosphere which range from analysis, to cynicism to pragmatism.

Lebanon: Phoenician DNA

  8 November 2007

“It’s possible now to test yourself if you are descended from the the ancient mariners: the Phoenicians, or simply migrated from another part of the world,” writes Lebanos.

Lebanon: Car accidents

  8 November 2007

Lebanon, 2007, recorded the greatest number of car accidents to date – 830 casualties and more than 10,000 injuries, reports Liliane.

Jordan: Fairoz in Concert

  6 November 2007

Jordanian Roba Al Assi attended a concert by legendary Lebanese singer Fairuz and here‘s her preview of the event.

Lebanon: Price rise

  4 November 2007

“Everything that has occurred over the past 6 weeks is passable […] But when Ghalayini's Man'ousheh becomes 500 Liras [0.30 USD] there is no place for silence. Enough already! Some heads must roll,” writes Jamal, who is satirizing the sudden and sharp increase of prices.