· October, 2005

Stories about Lebanon from October, 2005

Lebanon: Lebanese Vacation

31 October 2005

Fouad on his vacation in Lebanon. He says: “I put my camera strap around my neck, and slowly walked through the streets and alleys of the lower Basta. Brick by brick, cobblestone by cobblestone, I tried to take as much of it in as I could. From the little piece...

Lebanon: Angry Lebanese Bloggers

28 October 2005

The Lebanese bloggers are all angry with the Arabs’ and the American Left wingers’ reactions to the Mehlis report. Raja writes in anger: “The whole Arab world is turning against us.“ Lebanon.Profile asks the Syrian apologists: “Where is your righteous indignation? Are you even slightly concerned about the fate of...

Lebanon: Mehlis report

  25 October 2005

Mustapha says that Aljazeera not only dislikes the Mehlis report, it’s also demonizing the Lebanese position. Lebanese Political Journal says that Lebanese Uniting – Palestinian and Syrian Miscalculations. BOB reminder: “Did you listen to what the people said, minutes after Hariri was killed? Every Lebanese knew who killed him! They...

Lebanese and Syrian Bloggers Early Reaction to Mehlis Report

  21 October 2005

The Lebanese Blogger Forum came to this Conclusion: There is probable cause to believe that the decision to assassinate former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri, could not have been taken without the approval of topranked Syrian security official and could not have been further organized without the collusion of their counterparts...

Lebanon: The Mehlis Report Inconsequential

  18 October 2005

Lebanon Profile says that all the people who argued that Lebanon needs a short period of Amadou Toumani Toure-style dictatorship to rid the country of corruption before immediately returning to democracy have almost been vindicated.

First Arab Gay/Lesbian Magazine Published

  13 October 2005

Sabbah says that a Lebanese NGO has published Barra; the first quarterly Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexed and Queer magazine in the Arab world. A subject that's been a taboo in the Arab world for ever.

Egypt: Democratization in the Middle East

  6 October 2005

Issandr El Amrani from The Arabist Network says that majority of Americans believe their country should not encourage democratization in the Middle East. The poll was conducted by the Knowledge Networks for the Program on International Policy Attitudes and the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations.