· August, 2009

Stories about Lebanon from August, 2009

Lebanon: Missing Syrian Workers

  18 August 2009

“Two Syrian workers are missing in Lebanon. Neither the Lebanese government, nor the Syrian government care about the plight of the abused Syrian workers in Lebanon,” reports The Angry Arab News Service.

Palestine: Remembering Shafiq Al Hout

  9 August 2009

On 2 August, founder member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Shafiq Al Hout died. Al Hout helped found the PLO in 1964, was appointed PLO representative in Lebanon, and survived ten Israeli assassination attempts during the Lebanese Civil War. Arab bloggers have been paying tribute.

Syria: Lebanon's Unity Cabinet

  4 August 2009

“As Lebanon moves closer to announcing its unity cabinet, a lot of people are complaining about the length of time it has taken to get this far,” notes The Syria News Wire.

Lebanon: Armenian quarter

  2 August 2009

The Los Angeles Times blog posts an entry on Beirut's Armenia quarter of Bourj Hammoud and a photo exhibition currently underway which explores the community. The entry includes a video report.