· September, 2005

Stories about Lebanon from September, 2005

Lebanon: FBI Help

  29 September 2005

Mustapha of The Beirut Spring blog says that the Lebanese Minister of Interior should resign and the FBI should help with the investigations of recent terrorist attacks on Lebanese figures.

Lebanon: Support May Shidyak

27 September 2005

In solidarity with the Lebanese Journalist, May Shidyak, who was seriously wounded (lost left leg and hand) when a bomb exploded inside her car north of Beirut a couple of days ago, Lebanese bloggers have a lot to say and ideas to support.

lebanon: If Katrina Were Lebanese

2 September 2005

Mustapha of The Beirut Spring says: “If the Americans were as politically centered as us Lebanese, they would have quickly skipped the terrible humanitarian disaster caused by Katrina and jumped straight into the politics.”