· January, 2010

Stories about Lebanon from January, 2010

Lebanon: Robbed at Gunpoint

  12 January 2010

Sean at “The Human Province” talks about how he was robbed at gunpoint in a cab in the capital Beirut.

Lebanon: Valet Parking

  12 January 2010

Armigatus presents several views on valet parking in Lebanon, encouraging people to walk instead of drive, in this post.

Lebanon: Bloggers Participated in “Kolena Laila”

  6 January 2010

"Kolena Laila"(We are all Laila) is an online initiative that aims to spread awareness about the Arab women in the Middle East and North Africa. In its fourth year, "Laila" got to be Lebanese. Here are some of the Lebanese bloggers' contributions.

Lebanon: Worker's Suicide Tragedy ‘Ignored’

  5 January 2010

Matthew Cassel reports the suicide of Theresa Seda, a Filipino domestic worker in Beirut. Read the chilling details of how such suicides- which have been increasing in numbers- are going ignored at Justimage.

Featured Author: Layal Al Khatib

  4 January 2010

Global Voices author and translator Layal Al Khatib from Beirut, Lebanon has a special interest in making sure that languages right to left (RTL) look attractive when viewed on computer screens.