· November, 2007

Stories about Israel from November, 2007

Israel: One/Two State Solutions

  30 November 2007

“For those of you who dislike the two state solution, perhaps consider that it's a lot better than the one state solution which appears to be the only alternative,” writes Expat Egghead, who lives in Israel.

Jordan: Lost for Words

  30 November 2007

Jordanian Ohoud is lost for words after reading that an Israeli has opened four shops in Dubai.

Special Coverage: Middle East Peace 2007

  30 November 2007

The Middle East Question has grabbed the international headlines for more than half a century. It is now the turn of the region's netizens to vent off and add their perspectives to events touching their lives and the security and stability of the countries they live in. Read about what the region's most outspoken bloggers have to say in our Middle East Peace 2007 Special Coverage page.

Israel: Blogger's Views on the Annapolis Summit

  30 November 2007

The Annapolis Conference, held on November 27, 2007 at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, ended with the issuing of a joint statement from all parties. Over the past week, Israeli bloggers shared mostly pessimistic voices around the topic of this conference. Many are cynical to the possibility of peace emanating from these leaders who have little support from their people.

Palestine: Peace So Far

  29 November 2007

“Annapolis summit ended, but yet, no real changes are to be seen here in Palestine…Is Bush really believes that this illusion summit can solve the occupation problem??” writes Palestinian blogger Asad Al Nimr, from Ramallah.

Egypt: The Annapolis Peace Conference

  29 November 2007

When the onset of the Annapolis Peace Conference first arose hopes were high and all were looking forward to meeting at the peace table. Since then complications and controversies have muddied the waters and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been in the middle trying to bring all parties back to order. Many if not most Arab leaders had originally refused to attend following the release of contextual details. Egypt's bloggers can help us to understand why.

Annapolis: The View from the Middle East

  28 November 2007

With leaders and politicians from the Middle East and far afield meeting in Annapolis, US, over brokering a peace deal between Israel and its Arab neighbours, the mood remains somber, skeptical and pessimistic among bloggers from the region.

Palestine: Impact of Fuel and Electricity Cuts on Gaza

  23 November 2007

The Israeli human rights organization Gisha has just issue a fact sheet on Israel’s collective punishment of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the impact of the electricity and fuel cuts, reports Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah, who provides a link to the article.

Morocco: Women's Stories from Around the Globe

  23 November 2007

This week, Moroccan bloggers share their interest in issues affecting Muslim women around the world. From the treatment of gynecologists in Iraq to new workforce development initiatives in Morocco to rape sentencing in Saudi Arabia, Jillian York has the story.

Israel: Mandate of the People

  20 November 2007

“POTENTIALLY BIG POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT! Leaders listening to and following the will of their people, the OV (One Voice) people!!!” rejoices the mastermind behind the One Voice movement Daniel Lubetzky.

Israel: Ice Cream Shortage

  20 November 2007

Most countries suffer serious things like power shortages, water shortages, or food shortages, but here in Israel we’re at the luxury end of the market and we suffer ice cream shortages, writes Nicky.

Israel: Zionist Sugar

  20 November 2007

Liza Goldman from Israel discovers a wide range of writers, scientists, philanthropists and political activists, who helped build Israel, through “Zionist” sugar.

Israel: Lost Tribes in Japan

  20 November 2007

One of the questions that comes up every now and then in the Israeli-Japanese discourse is whether the Japanese are descendants of the Israelite Lost Tribes, reflects Sharvul, from Israel.

Israel/Palestine: A New Understanding

  19 November 2007

There are a lot of grassroots collaborations between Israelis and Palestinians that take place in a variety of arenas, but which get little attention and tend to be marginalized because of the larger political agendas that separate the two groups, writes Matthew in Mideast Youth.