· May, 2012

Stories about Israel from May, 2012

Palestine: Remembering the Nakba

  28 May 2012

May 15 is Nakba Day, when Palestinians commemorate the displacement and dispossession that took place at the time of Israel's establishment in 1948. In this post we look at how the day was marked by Palestinians on blogs and Twitter this year.

Israel: Mofaz Derided for Joining Unity Government

  9 May 2012

Israel's biggest news story of recent months happened in the early hours of May 8: the head of the opposition, Shaul Mofaz, agreed to join Benjamin Netanyahu's government, thus postponing the early elections Netanyahu had announced just days before.

Palestine: Mass Hunger Strike by Prisoners

  2 May 2012

Palestinian prisoners began an open ended hunger strike on April 17 to protest the conditions within Israeli prisons. What had started earlier as a protest by a few has now increased to thousands of participants.