· September, 2010

Stories about Israel from September, 2010

Israel: Facebook Tags

  24 September 2010

David Bogner, from Israel, asks: “Am I the only one who is completely tired of receiving email notifications saying that [insert name of someone you kinda/sorta know] has tagged a picture/video of you on Facebook?”

Palestine: Family Matters

  21 September 2010

Palestinian writer Khulud at Life in Fragments blogs about the “importance” of coming from a respected family in obtaining a job offer, and how she would rather be recognised for her own skills than her family background, in this post.

Middle East: Arab Attitudes on Freeing Gilad Shalit

  4 September 2010

Last Saturday, August 28th, Gilad Shalit turned 24 - his fifth birthday in captivity since June 25th, 2006. Each year there are renewed calls for his release. This year has been no different. This post shares the perceptions of some Arab bloggers towards this case.